Beach Wedding Color Theme: Let the Sea Inspire Your Choice!

So…. You have chosen for a beach wedding? Aaaah! Soft sand, sea breeze, gorgeous sunset … Oh, how very romantic! Congratulations on your decision!

Now, it’s true that there is a lot to do, if you want to see this romantic idea of yours come true! To start with, perhaps you’ll find this article here very useful.

It’s also very true however that as planning and organization frenzy progresses, especially if you have decided to take care of it all yourself, some details may just slip your attention. And…Boy oh Boy! It just may happen that on THE special day itself, you’ll notice your mistake and it will make you feel sorry and sour, and there goes all the romantics ′cause, let’s admit it – when it’s about a wedding, every detail counts. But don’t panic! In our blog you’ll find all details about having an unforgettable beach wedding. Just stick around!

Let’s talk today about the beach wedding color theme – something very important, yet often misinterpreted or worse! – completely overlooked, resulting in a mishmash of colors that is rather messy and ugly than beautiful or romantic!

Of course, any wedding should be white. Yet, any wedding decoration should also feature certain color accents. To avoid unnecessary flamboyant or tawdry result however, better consider a suitable color theme way before you start ordering all the wedding decorations. Since you’ve made up your mind to have a beach wedding, let the sea inspire your choice! You might want to consider Mediterranean-blue, tender aqua, subtle turquoise, soft orange/coral, warm beige and sand colors, as these would perfectly complement the traditional wedding-white, and, moreover, these colors represent the natural surroundings of the wedding venue – the sea, the beach and the sun, hence would fit best the whole beach wedding idea.

A tip: When you choose a color, don’t employ one shade only, even if it is your favourite. Instead, work with the entire palette(s).

You can choose for one of the above colors, or for a combination of two or three of them. From there on, just let your imagination and creativity run wild. Whatever you decide however, make sure your choice pleases you as much as it does your guests. And remember – the color or color combination you’ve chosen is to be used wisely and spread delicately throughout the decoration of the wedding venue. Do not abuse of its presence!

Suitable representation of the chosen color theme can be introduced in various little details, such as:

Flowers: some (not all!) of the flowers in the bridal bouquet (and why not in the one on the groom’s jacket lapel?!); some (not all!) of the decoration flowers;

Beach wedding color theme

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A tip: If you choose the blue/turquoise/aqua color palette, introduce white daisies as a contrasting accent. Daisies, apart from being extremely delicate and beautiful, also have that inexplicable air of freedom that would go perfectly well with the spirit of the sea represented by the chosen colour theme.

If you choose the orange/coral/beige/sand color theme, better introduce exotic flowers so as to create a corresponding exotic ambiance and entangle the “sun” into your wedding decoration. 

Candles: how about dozens of little candle votives in the chosen color, spread all over the place – on the dining tables, on unused spots, even right down on the sand. They will certainly look beautiful, lit or not!

A tip: Alternatively, you can choose for white candles but either placed in glass bowls, in romantic lanterns of any shape, or just decorated with lace, cord, or ribbons, all these in the chosen color theme. In any case, you’ll get the desired delicate and romantic ambiance.

Attire: a pin or two in the bride’s hairstyle, one or two elements in the bridesmaids and groomsmen attire; etc.

A tip: The idea of dressing your bridesmaids or/and groomsmen “head to toe” in the chosen color/ color combination is not bad, as long as you choose wisely and consider their own taste. Better accept variations in the color tones, so as to keep everybody happy, especially if it’s a color that one or more of them are not happy to wear.

Wedding invitations: introducing the color/color combination in these is the first impression you’ll give your guests of what they may expect;

Introduce the chosen color theme also in…

  • table setting: name cards, napkins, napkin rings (or better in this case, just braided threads/ thin ribbons, etc.), little ‘pearls’ scattered lavishly on the white table cloth, tableware in color (instead of the traditional white); etc.
  • decoration fabric: color organza, tulle, or even “fishing net”, wrapped around various decorations, or/and elsewhere;
  • sea shells/stars: use a lot of these and introduce them just about everywhere, in various sizes and shapes, both, in their natural colors as well as deliberately painted in the chosen color/color combination;
  • the wedding cake: feel free to introduce the chosen color/color combination in all the little decorative items on the wedding cake;
  • etc.

These are only a few ideas of how and where to employ the color theme you’ve chosen. The important is to chose one and stick to it. If you follow this piece of advice, be sure you’ll have your dream of an exquisite and romantic beach wedding come true!

This post was brought to you by my dearest friend Rossitsa Yankova. Thank you!

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