Lanterns as Wedding Decoration

It’s all about the details! Lanterns have been around for plenty of years and in some way, shape or form has found ways to keep themselves relevant as things evolved around them. Today, I’m giving lanterns the timeless spotlight that they deserve by showing you the many ways that you can use them to decorate your wedding reception.

Lanterns can be used as a centerpiece which adds a nice rustic flair to the evening. The more you opt for a more old-fashioned lantern, the better.

Already have your centerpieces? No problem! Using lanterns as just table decorations and incorporating fun marine items to display inside of them is a great conversation starter!

Your lanterns don’t have to only be stationary at the reception table. Moving them to different locations, such as the sides on the parameter of the wedding would help tie in the theme of your wedding from all angles.

Using lanterns on the sides of your guest chairs for a reception or ceremony really brings a new meaning to “lighting the way”.

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Ok, so maybe you’re a little leery of leaving lit lanterns everywhere. Problem solved! Investing in some paper lanterns not only helps to ease your worrying about any potential disasters but also gives you the freedom to choose from different prints and styles.

Who said that your lanterns had to be touching the wall, table, or chairs at all? With the use of paper lanterns, you can create a new twist on chandeliers in a big way.

Adding some lanterns to your beach wedding décor is always a welcomed element that brings warmth to both the daytime and nighttime events. Light up your life!

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