How to Choose the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

Searching for just the right wedding dress is already a task within itself. Trying to find just the right wedding dress for a beach wedding, however, can get a lot more interesting. Typically on the beach, people are free from the “regular clothes” and are allowed to move freely and swiftly on the sand in their bikinis or trunks while they play in the ocean with friends and family. As a bride, you are deserving of that kind of freedom as well! You should feel comfortable, relaxed, and radiant in your beach wedding dress of choice. Today, I’m going to give you a little more insight and time-saving advice into how to find exactly what you want for a moment that will last forever.

Pick the right fabric

In order to be as comfortable and happy as you expect to be on your wedding day, it’s important to pick the right fabric that you will be sporting all day. Remember, it’s going to be a little hot and there is not a lot of shade to help you out. My favorite fabric to suggest to brides is chiffon, tulle and a hint of lace. They are as light as a feather and always catch the nautical breezes at just the right moment.

Long or short?

If you have already taken my advice and chosen one of the lightweight fabric styles above, then the length of your perfect beach wedding dress is totally up to you! I suggest sporting a short wedding dress because it will allow your legs to get some sun, allow you to frolic on the beach after the ceremony as much as you want to and allow you to not have to worry about constantly picking up your dress. You can be straight up care-free! Now I know that most women are conditioned to only consider long, luxurious dresses, but sometimes you have to break away from the old-fashioned talk and live a little!

White is soooo overrated!

Your wedding dress options are not limited to white! Yes, the women in your family would probably faint from the news of you deciding to wear a little color in your wedding dress but this is YOUR day! Selecting a really soft neutral color to blend perfectly with your beach wedding adds a fun element of surprise that will set you apart from the rest in a trendsetting way.

Bling, bling, bling bling it up!

Just because you’re going for a more natural themed wedding doesn’t mean that you can’t add a little sparkle here and there! Adding a beautiful adornment to your wind-tousled hair or a few glittery bangles won’t hurt at all! If anything, your elegant additions of jewelry would glisten in a divine way. Your husband-to-be would swear that an angel was walking towards him!

How to Choose the Perfect Beach Wedding Dress

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Think out of the box

Want to know something? You actually don’t have to go to a designated wedding boutique to find your perfect wedding dress. Because you have chosen a beach wedding, you have the freedom to find inspiration in places that you wouldn’t have considered otherwise. Try something new and explore different stores. You never know what you may find!

I am so excited for you! The anticipation of finding your perfect beach wedding dress must feel so surreal right now! Before you grab all of the fabulous women in your life to embark on this adventure, I want to leave you with a few last words. Follow your heart on what wedding dress is perfect for you. At the end of the day, you’re the one who will be wearing that beauty for a good amount of time so it doesn’t matter what the women in your family say or even what I say! What matters is that you are happy with what you have chosen. Have fun shopping!

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