Perfect Wedding Makeup Ideas for Your Big Day

Every bride deserves to look simply fabulous on her special day. Everything should be flawless from head to toe: the dress, the hair, the nails and the makeup. To ensure that you get that once-in-lifetime, star-studded look like you always dreamed of, it’s best to get a few ideas in your head first. When it comes to your makeup, you want to keep in mind that you’re planning to have your wedding on the beach, so the more natural you look the better! Your future husband will definitely look at you in awe and think to himself how lucky he is to be re-discovering your natural beauty again from the very first time he met you. But don’t tell him your secret! Let’s keep it between us. What he doesn’t know is that it actually takes quite a while to get that natural look that he won’t stop gawking over. Nevertheless, I’m pretty sure that your natural looking makeup only enhances the beauty you already have! To help you streamline all the ideas you have swirling around in that pretty little head of yours, I’ve put together some great suggestions on how to create your perfect beach wedding makeup look if you choose to do it on your own. If you’ve hired a professional makeup artist instead, these ideas would greatly take the burden off of their shoulders as well!

It’s all in the Eyes!

Create a soft look glimmering with light pastel color shadows.

If you are looking for a hint of dramatics to go with all the emotions you will experience on your big day, then this look would be perfect for you! Putting more focus on the outer corners of your eyes with this winged look will draw your husband-to-be in better than bees with honey!

Perfect Wedding Makeup Ideas for Your Big Day

Via Kirsten Murphy on Pinterest

This makeup look proves that you don’t have to stay within the limits of blending just earth tone colors. Using soft colors in the silver and gray palettes will give you a sultry look that will have your husband itching to get to the honeymoon!

Perfect Wedding Makeup Ideas for Your Big Day

Via Pretty Pear Bride on Pinterest

Here’s another rendition of the winged look! Pairing these lovely cat-eyes with intense eyelashes will give you a divinely feminine allure. Adding a neutral lip seals the deal by keeping it balanced.

Be the belle of your own ball with a natural look that is simply heavenly!

Want to add a hint of sun-kissed elegance to your beach wedding makeup? A pop of gold on the eyes will make you sparkle like the sun!

Everything’s peachy! Adding a flush of color to your cheekbones and pairing it with a nice lip gives you a dewy look of radiance!

Remember that sun-kissed look above? Take it up a notch by smoking it out to bring your eyes out more. Your husband-to-be will think he’s looking into the eyes of a goddess!

Muah! Pucker Up!

Don’t be afraid to use colors on your lips, gals. Nude lips will only blend back into your face and we don’t want that. Give these a try!

Accentuate your lips with a nice pink that adds a nice pop.

If you don`t like colors that make your lips screaming go for praline.

This flawless matte color is a hit! For my daring brides-to-be, this one is for you!

The Blush Rush!

Using fresh and warm bronzed blush to blush up your cheeks is a surefire way to accentuate your beautiful smile!

If you’re not too big on a lot of blush, this look would be suitable for a subtle hint of rosiness.

Perfect Wedding Makeup Ideas for Your Big Day

Via Snobka

This blush look is the perfect addition to your sun-kissed look!

If you’re not afraid of a more haute couture look for your beach wedding, try incorporating this daring concept for your makeup!

Did you decide to go with the silver and gray palette? If so, this blush look would add just the right finishing touches to your beach wedding makeup.

If I were you, I would take advantage of this one-stop shop of complete makeup looks and maximize on the time I’d save! At this point in your wedding planning, every little bit counts. It’s best to conserve a little energy so you’ll be raring to go during your honeymoon. Wink, wink!

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