How to Choose a Groom Suit for a Beach Wedding

By now, I’m sure that you have found your most perfect beach wedding dress. It fits you like a dream, flows the way you want it to, goes with your jewelry and shoes in the best complimenting way, and is super versatile. But what about your groom? Let’s be honest, ladies. Sometimes we get so caught up in the fairytale world of making sure we look better than Disney princesses that we totally forget about what assistance the groom may need. After all, it’s his big day too! Contrary to popular belief, the fellas have it a little harder in this part of life. Men seek purpose for why they have to wear what they wear, and not necessarily for style sometimes. However, in this case, the style and color of the suit matters. This is where you and I come in. I’m going to tell you how to help your groom find the perfect suit that will please both him and you!

The fabric man

Being that you guys are doing a non-traditional wedding, the kind of fabric that needs to be worn is pretty important. You want to make sure that you fiancé wears a breathable fabric. This would prevent him turning into a human sauna right before your very eyes. I highly suggest a purely cotton or linen. Choosing either of the two fabrics is a surefire way to ensure his comfort and confidence throughout the entire day. This concept can apply to the shirt he wears under the suit or just for his suit altogether!

Color coordination

Your groom’s suit doesn’t have to be the same color that he wears to church on a normal Sunday. He may not know the difference between purple and fuchsia, but I’m sure that he could appreciate a little something out of the norm for his big day as well. Suggesting a beige or tan-colored suit for your man to wear is a great idea to help brighten up his style if you already have complementary colors in your beach wedding theme. For a more beach formal look, an all-white suit would be hit! Why should the bride get all of the fun just wearing white? It would also be simply amazing if you allowed him to wear something inspired from his heritage. For those of you who have husbands-to-be who are still dead set on the traditional style, try suggesting shades such as gray, navy, and black. Add a splash of color to the traditional style with a vibrant tie. Whatever color you help him choose, be aware that darker colors attract heat and lighter colors reflect it.

To heck with a groom suit!

Sometimes you need to just throw tradition to the wind and find a way that works better for him! If your groom is not really getting too thrilled with the suit options, you can also opt for him and his groom party to wear something that is the most relaxing and less complicated to them. Wearing a nice cotton or linen shirt with some pants will cure his cold feet, but make sure that the shirt is one solid color and not full of patterns and other prints. Because of the play on patterns, the camera will slightly alter the way your groom looks in an unpleasant way. Yikes!

No matter what style you help your future husband choose from, its best to encourage and let him know that there truly is a little something for everybody! What matters most is that your groom is totally calm while his heart warms to the beauty that is walking towards him.

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