Beach Wedding Chair Decorations

Your wedding décor is one of the elements in a wedding where you can be both subtle and bold in a perfect way. With reception décor, brides tend to put most of their focus in the detailing on the table and within the centerpieces. With beach weddings in particular, a good portion of focus goes into the possible canopies, fabrics, and other overhead décor. Although that is totally fine and expected, I suggest taking your focus up a notch. What do I mean? Bring a little focus to your chairs! Your guests will be sitting in them on and off for the night, so why not spice them up a little with a nice presentation? Adding adorable details such as rich-colored sashes with starfish ties, incorporating mesh fabrics reminiscent of sailboat adventures and even getting creative with the seat cushions are great ways to add another wow factor to your wedding experience. Make your guests even more comfortable and impressed with some of these wedding chair decorations ideas!

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