Cheers! … or about the Bride’s and Groom’s Toasting Glasses

After the intense moments of the ceremony have passed away, it’s time to party! The joy, the overall excitement, and the jolly mood of everybody are quite understandable. So are the many ‘Cheers!’ with best congratulations and wishes for the newly wed. So, the new Mr.&Mrs., sitting at the spotlight table, have to raise their glasses quite often in reply to the friendly toasts by the guests at their wedding party. And since they are the most VIP-s of the event, so must be their toasting glasses, too!

There are hundreds of beautiful toasting glasses out there, but how to choose two and make these ‘personal’ and unique, as personal and unique the day of your wedding is? Here are some ideas to help your choice.

Let’s first consider the more ‘general’ aspects of your choice of wedding toasting glasses.

To start with, choose the shape. I guess, the best choice would be stemware. You can choose from champagne flutes/ coupes/ tulips, through cocktail/martini glasses, to even chalices or goblets. It all depends on your personal taste, of course, yet however on the wedding general theme, too.

And since it is stemware, the stem of the toasting glass is something to also carefully choose. You can go “romantic” and choose stems changing shape into entwined hearts, into delicate flowers, or go “fairytale royal” and choose crown-like stems .

Another aspect of your choice would be the drinkware glass itself – crystal, fine glass, or heavy thick glass, up to combinations of glass with various other materials, as well as some other ‘bizarre’ options such as totally metallic glasses, for example. The most important thing to consider here is that whatever the glass (or another material) is, it has to produce a ‘heavenly’ musical clink.

Then, the color. Should the toasting glasses be transparent or colored? Just as above, it’s all up to you! Besides, the color theme chosen for the wedding is also something to consider here, as well.

bride’s and groom’s toasting glasses

by NevenaArtGlass on Etsy

Now, let’s speak about the ‘personal touch’ that will turn these two glasses into unique symbols of your wedding.

The most common personalization is through engraving. What you will choose to engrave on your wedding toasting glasses is entirely open to your choice, taste and … imagination.

You can choose to demonstrate sense of humour, or show just how ‘classy’ you are!

bride’s and groom’s toasting glasses

by JLeighR on Etsy

bride’s and groom’s toasting glasses

via Gilt

Another way is to simply decorate the glasses with whatever decoration items you like (best, of course, is for these to match the wedding theme!).


Finally, whatever shape, type, size, etc. glasses you choose,


And ….

Live happily ever after!

This post was brought to you by my dearest friend Rossitsa Yankova. Thank you!

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