Beach Wedding Favor Ideas

It’s always a good idea to include favors as subtle token of appreciation for all your family and friends showing up to watch you join the life of the one you love. It also serves as a little souvenir that your guests can always cherish after the wedding festivities. But let’s face it. Sometimes those favors don’t always end up in the most favorable places. To avoid wasting your money on something that has the potential to be discarded of eventually, start considering getting favors that have a functional and more long-term purpose after the wedding is long over.

Sunglasses are one of those accessories that will never go out of style. For your beach wedding, it’s bound to get really sunny out there and you want to make sure your guests can see your ceremony without squinted eyes.

Make your guests even more comfortable with their very own flip-flops! Not only are they a way to show off your color scheme, but they are great for people who may have missed the dress code or when it’s time to dance!

Who throws rice anymore? Have fun celebrating your big day with your loved ones by adding some spark!

A beach wedding always has the very real possibility of being exposed to the elements, namely the sun. To avoid your guests being really uneasy and uncomfortable during the ceremony, enhance their experience with fans that can be used long after the wedding ceremony.

With the possible heat that your guests may experience at your wedding, a nice coozie would suffice as a favor that keeps everyone hydrated.

Put a new twist on the way you serve after-dinner mints by making them a favor! Putting them in themed mint-tins is a great way to leave a lasting impression after the meal.

As a child, we’ve all wanted to discover the infamous “message in the bottle”. Make it a reality by allowing your guests to leave with a piece of the ocean they will always have access to.

Who doesn’t love candles! A tea candle over a beautiful mini-scene of underwater life is the perfect gift that will last almost forever.

Getting personalized totes made for your guests is a great way to guarantee that they will find various reasons to use it after the wedding.

Is it going to be a bit windy at the beach for your big day? Providing Pashmina scarves is another lovely suggestion to your guests that they are greatly appreciated and cared for.

These favors are nothing short of clever! If you want to get really fancy, feel free to combine multiple ideas for what best suits your guests.

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