How to Dress the Bridesmaids

Your wedding day is coming. As your big day swiftly approaches, you have so many things to get squared away. This is a pretty life-changing day! But don’t overlook the important things. Have you already chosen your bridesmaids? Your bridesmaids are usually the women who have been there with you through thick and thin. The women who comforted every heartbreak you’ve had before meeting your Prince Charming. You trust them with your life and everything that means something to you. Likewise, these are your girlfriends who will take care of the little things that really count, such as your veil, the bouquet, the wedding cake, the hugs you will need and the tears of many emotions you’ll have. Not to mention they will constantly tell you how slim and gorgeous you look. And hey, they just may be telling the truth! Bridesmaids are expected to be quite patient, understanding and more level-headed as well. They help to make sure that other little wedding details are taken care of too, like the decorations, the invitations, and any last minute things that need to be put in place. These lovely girls will do anything to make you feel happy and comfortable and will be right beside you at every moment before, during, and sometimes right after the wedding before you go on your honeymoon, so I hope you have chosen the right people for this special job!

They really deserve a round of applause for every kind of support that they will be given you during your time of preparing for your big day. Even though this day will be revolved around you, why not take some time and think about how you could make them feel special, too! Appreciation goes a long way, my beautiful brides!

It has become a pretty set in stone tradition to have the bridesmaids wear a dress that would match your wedding color theme. Depending on the bride, their dresses might be absolutely the same across the board, or at least in the same color with the style of their choice. After all, your bridesmaids more than likely come in various but beautiful shapes and sizes! Surely, you, being the bride, the most important person at the wedding (sorry, groomie!), have already envisioned how your bridesmaids should look like. But it’d be a good idea to also consult with them and get their opinions so that they can also feel comfortable and beautiful in their dress as well.

To help you come up with some stunning bridesmaid themes, here are some ideas.

Choose the Fabric and the Color for the Dresses

For your beach wedding dress, I’m certain that you have made sure that your dress includes light and breezy fabrics so that you can be as comfortable as possible exchanging your vows. To avoid being a complete Bridezilla, it would be very considerate if you also made sure that your bridesmaids would be as comfortable as you are too. Think about it. They will be standing there already while you walk down the sandy aisle, as well as standing by your side while you say “I Do”.

A great fabric to consider is flowing chiffon. It’s a lot lighter on the skin and will always provide air circulation due to the ocean breezes it catches. However, being that chiffon is so light; you want to make sure that the dress you choose also has an appropriate slip that hugs the body a little snugger to prevent any unintended flashes of skin. Also be mindful of the fabric that you have chosen for your own dress to ensure everyone is on the same accord.

Here comes the fun part. Picking the colors! By now, you probably already have plenty of color themes swirling in your head for your favors and reception detailing. It’s a smart move to start brainstorming about how your bridesmaids’ color will fit into the mix. In the case of a beach wedding, the bridesmaids’ dress style should be as free as the wind and as fluid as the waves. Long or short, classic navy or light blue will look gorgeous for your bridesmaids’ dresses. The color blue also tends to compliment a lot of different complexions. I personally have a huge crush on turquoise!

Blue like the ocean

This particular shade of blue will always command a royal presence! Lightly pleated detailing with a sweetheart neckline gives a nice touch to the overall flow of the dress.

Capture the tide in a lighter turquoise hue!

Pairing a short rendition of a rich blue dress with fun ruffles and accessories will make your bridesmaids flirty and fun-loving!

A strikingly embellished bodice to add to beautiful turquoise is nothing short of a genius!

Want your bridesmaids to wear a blue hue in something a little more formal? This elegant style adds the perfect hint of fun with its shoulder flower accents.

Yellow like the sun

Would you love to have your bridesmaids as radiant as the sun? Breezy dresses in pastel shades are perfect for spring!

A formal off-shoulder look in a soft yellow calls for a more sophisticated look for your bridesmaids.

Who doesn’t like sunflowers? Having your bridesmaids beaming with yellows and pearls in a strapless dress would complement your wedding quite nicely!

To offset the soft yellow hues, adding a sash will create a nice contrast for the overall look of your bridesmaids.

Neutral colors like the sand

Are you giving your bridesmaids the freedom of picking the style that best suits their individual tastes? Various shades of earth tone colors would definitely blend together perfectly!

Who said that your bridesmaids could only have one uniform look when it comes to fabrics? Mixing various light fabrics together with complementing neutral colors will blend the overall look seamlessly!

If you’re not feeling the chiffon options, try going for a lighter satin-like fabric in a shade of taupe that complements all complexions and sizes.

Oh Cinderella..You’ve Lost Your Shoe!

Considering that you all will be at the beach, picking the right footwear will be fairly easy. It’s in your best interest that you choose flat shoes or elegant sandals. If you want you and your girls to abandon the idea of shoes altogether, then barefoot would also be just fine! Your bridesmaids will absolutely love you for not making them wear high heels all night long.

How to Dress the Bridesmaids

Via Pink2Blue on Etsy

Gold flats with lace details and a bow to finish it off is the perfect accessory to a bridesmaid’s dress!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! And if not diamonds, jewels run a close second. Peep-toe flats with jeweled accents will make your bridesmaids feel like queens too!

Then again, shoes are overrated! Giving your bridesmaids the freedom of barefoot fancy would be the greatest gift!

I hope these ideas have been helpful! Now it’s time to call your girls, show them all these wonderful ideas and get a head-start on making it all happen! And remember: the more beautiful your bridesmaids look and the happier their smiles, the more perfect your wedding will be! Trust me; this is coming from a happy bridesmaid too. Make it memorable one, ladies!

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