Few Ideas for Your Beach Wedding Nails

The bride’s wedding is a very special day. This is the one time in her life where she will be able to feel like the queen that she is! This is bigger than childhood fairy tales. This is her golden opportunity to live out the fantasy she’s always dreamed of. Shouldn’t everything be absolutely perfect? Of course it should be! Right up to the tiniest of details! Therefore, along with choosing her perfect dress, veil, hairstyle, accessories and shoes, it’s only right that she remembers to also choose the perfect look for your nails! Want to know another great fact? Her bridesmaids are just as fabulous! A beautiful bride knows that her bridesmaids must also have their nails on point as well. After all, the bridesmaids are her closest girlfriends whom she cherishes dearly.

Speaking of fabulous wedding manicures, I strongly suggest choosing to get a simple French manicure. Another option is to opt for manicures done in soft neutral colors. For a beach wedding, the best way to go is with a breezy feminine look because of the natural atmosphere in which you’ll be in. You don’t have to worry about things being too flashy, as the environment will be more relaxed and easy-going. No need to make it hard on yourself! However, if this sounds too hum-drum and you rather go against the grain, you also have the freedom of adding some glitter accents and fun details like a tiny starfish or seashells to perfectly match the main theme of your beach wedding. Show off your fabulous mermaid alter ego, why don’t you!

Since you’re more than likely taking a quick peak at your fingers and toes to see how much needs to be done, check out these fabulous beach wedding nail ideas for some inspiration and motivation to get you started!

You Deserve a Gorgeous Manicure!

That lovely shiny rock that the bride’s husband-to-be surprised her with could look even better on her hand if her nails are flawlessly done. Since the photographers will be zooming in on her hands and all the guests will be gawking at her beautiful ring and bouquet, her hands will be pretty important on your big day. If you’re the bridesmaid, the same applies! Your nails should complement your dress and bouquet as well. So make sure you get them done as soon before the wedding as possible for a fresh (but dry) look.

French manicures are usually done with more of a square nail style but it’s time to try something new! Spicing up a traditional French manicure with a more rounded elegant style complete with a simple charm will really give a refreshing look to your wedding wardrobe.

Want to take it up a notch? Rocking an oval shape to complement soft neutral colors really makes a statement with subtle gold designs.

A Few Ideas for your Beach Wedding Nails

Via Nails on Pinterest

Would you love to have the grace of easy-breezy beach sands on your hands? Going for a more opaque skin tone color with a hint of jewels will really dazzle up your look.

This one is for the bold divas at heart! Following the ocean currents and choosing an aquamarine color with seashell stenciling and even more gorgeous rhinestones and charms will give you all the bling you need!

Amaze them with a manicure reminiscent of golden sands. Gaining inspiration from the coral reefs with a soft neutral rendition in their honor will really give a nice pop.

Can’t get enough of glitter? On this special day, you can have all that you want! This nail look is sure to give a heavenly glow.

Keep your poppy nail color simple with just a few additions of beautiful beaded designs.

Wiggle Those Toes in the Sand!

Who needs fancy wedding shoes when you can enjoy the sand under your feet? How wonderful it is to have some many freeing options for a fabulous beach wedding! After all, you want your feet to be able to carry you around the sandy dance floor after the wedding, right? Not to mention you can save a few more bucks. Here are some bridal party pedicure ideas. Choose the best for you, show it proudly, and own it ladies!

A Few Ideas for your Beach Wedding Nails

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To keep it simple, a nice French pedicure would make a great contrast against the relaxing sands.

A Few Ideas for your Beach Wedding Nails

Via RocktheFlops on Etsy

Looking for a neutral solid color for an overall soft look? Check this lovely hue out!

Want a pop of color to break the monotony? Try this beautiful shade of green to bring out the nature of the beach.

Nail prints are always fun! Getting creative with different designs will give your pedicure a whole new look. You can even add some flowers to get into that exotic tropical mood!

Whether you are the bride or part of the bridal party, your manicure and pedicure is an essential part of preparing for a monumental day for all involved!

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