Beach Wedding Flip-Flops for Guests

Picture this…

Your big day has arrived and your guests are headed to the beach. They manage to discover your beach sign that directs them on where to go and they realize that the walk is a little longer than they expected. The majority of the women that you invited decided to wear heels and wedges, as they assumed it was still appropriate for your beach wedding. As they are making their way to your white beach paradise, they start to get disgruntled as they have to battle with the various inclines in the sand, as well as surprised buried seashells and other random obstructions. By the time they get to your ceremony, their feet hurt and they are a little winded from having to carefully walk with every step without panicking about breaking their ankle. Not to mention their husbands have probably decided to wear completely closed shoes and are starting to sweat, along with already hearing a good earful from their wives or girlfriends before reaching your destination. During the ceremony, they are visually enticed but not completely thrilled, comfortable or even concentrating. After the ceremony, it’s time for everyone to head on over to the reception for a lively party! Unfortunately, the women are already fighting with their irritated feet and can’t really participate in all the festivities like they want to due to all the walking. Yikes!

The remedy?

For a more holistic approach to making sure your wedding day is entertaining for everyone you’ve cordially invited, you want to go back to considering how the guests would feel upon arriving and during your big day. I’m pretty sure that you can remember the days when you attended events and didn’t anticipate for longer walks that required more comfortable shoes. Fortunately for you, I have a great suggestion to avoid the horror of unhappy guests: flip-flop favors!

Make them as comfortable as you want to be!

Put yourself in their shoes. Would you want to be bothered with achy sweaty feet while trying to witness a union of two wonderful people? Could you concentrate on the tear-jerking vows being exchanged with your blood pulsating and rushing to your feet like a relentless army? The people in your audience are the ones you and your beau exclusively picked to be a part of your love ceremony. It’s only fair to ensure that they are just as comfortable as you and him. Putting together a basket of colorful flip-flops for your guests to pick up as they enter your beach wedding is a great way to add to the tranquil and peaceful vibes that the ocean naturally brings to the ceremony. They also are a great and subtle way to keep your color scheme and theme going. You can get even more creative and personalize them for each guest that you invited, which would be a clever way to let your guests know that you appreciate them. Gratefulness goes a long way!

So if you’ve been looking for fun favors to add to your wedding, incorporating flip-flops would be not only be a smart move, but also will allow you to get your money’s worth, as your guests will be less likely to throw them away after the ceremony and reception is over. With a brilliant idea like this one, your guests are sure to be complimenting your beach wedding all the way up to your first wedding anniversary!

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