How to Personalize Your Wedding

When it comes to our big day, we always want to be one-of-a-kind in the way we choose to decorate and celebrate. Adding a little touch of both you and your beau’s personality into the mix really helps to set your wedding apart from the rest. If you’re looking for ways to immortalize your union for your guests and beyond, consider some of these fun ideas on how to personalize your wedding!

Having a cute catchphrase along with a clever favor to accompany it is quite genius! Matches are always needed!

How to Personalize Your Wedding

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If you’re planning on having wine at your wedding, creating a personalized wine label will really impress your guests! (Don’t forget to save one for you and your lovely significant other!)

Spruce up your napkins with a little hint of bling!

Toss the traditional guestbook idea to the side and try a fun approach to encouraging marital blessings.

Take your guests on a journey of how your love story began with table numbers that describe it right to the exact day!

How to Personalize Your Wedding

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Pucker up! Chap-stick will always be a need when moist lips are the name of the game.

Your lips may be moist after having some personalized chap-stick. But if your breath is a little tart, it may be a bit counterproductive. These personalized mints are great for after the wedding feast.

Love, chocolate and romance will always be three peas in a pod. Personalizing your candy as a favor would be a sweet treat!

How to Personalize Your Wedding (9)

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Creating a custom logo for your wedding tags really makes for a sophisticated touch!

If you’re not feeling the bland white runners that are usually available in abundance, customizing your own will remedy that in a flash! After the wedding, you can always use your personalized runner as a banner or runner in your new home.

You can’t go wrong with ideas like these! Whichever way you choose to personalize your wedding, make sure that it is something you would love to look back on 20 years from now. Happy planning!

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