Enchanting Hair Accessories for Your Special Day

What makes your wedding look spectacular is not just your wedding dress itself, but all the components that come together to create the moments you will remember forever! There’s an art to subtleness, and that’s what really makes a big statement with your look. Adding hair accessories to your overall look can sometimes be one of the most overlooked features to include! So I want to inspire you to take into consideration what simple little embellishments in your tresses can do for your look.

A touch of small dainty flowers adds a classy look to your beach wedding look.

Enchanting Hair Accessories for Your Special Day

Via Doloris Petunia on Etsy

Give yourself a bejeweled crown of royal beauty with this exquisite hair accessory!

I absolutely love the vintage bride look! A simple hair accessory for an elegant up-do is all you really need!

If your style is more Bohemian chic, this piece would be perfect for your wedding look!

Enchanting Hair Accessories for Your Special Day


Give them a glimpse of history with this Roman-inspired headpiece. It’s the perfect addition to a maintenance-free hairstyle!

Just a little touch of soft floral accents will add to your sun-kissed look!

Looking for a more high fashion style for your beach wedding? Try a headpiece made out of beautiful tulle fabric. After all, YOU are the model for the day!

This rendition of the bird-cage look is revamped with sea netting features. Genius!

Enchanting Hair Accessories for Your Special Day

Via Thehoneycomb on Etsy

There’s always unlimited inspiration at the bottom of the ocean. This seashell hair accessory really makes a splash!

If you don’t want too many sea creatures in your hair, you can always opt for just a few here and there. Trust me; they are harmless!

I hope that you consider adding some hair accessories to complete your wedding look. You’ll thank me later after the pictures come in!

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