Barefoot Beach Bride Accessories That You Can’t Do Without

Choosing to have a beach wedding can really take the pressure off of you! As a bride, you want your wardrobe to be as picture-perfect as possible and that’s absolutely possible with ocean breezes, clear blue skies and warm sand. The best part about it is that you can forego the shoes and really enjoy your day kicking up sand and dancing with your beloved. Show off that lovely pedicure with some of these barefoot beach bride accessories!

Loaded Anklets

Remember those anklets you used to love as a young girl? All things get better with age! Grace your ankles and feet with loaded anklets made with beautiful pearls, stones and gems.

Flower Power

Who says you can only have flower bouquets? Take floral arrangements to a whole new level with mini-bouquets adorning your feet!

Bejeweled Reflections

If you’re looking for something a little simpler, this jeweled number is sure to enchant your feet with elegance.

Beaded Glory

Barefoot beach bride accessories are even more fun when you’re already artistic enough to make your own creations! Have fun with picking out unique beading, wire wrapped designs, and accented seashells that represent your eclectic style!

Barefoot Beach Bride Accessories That You Can’t Do Without

by barmine on Etsy

Vintage Adornments

If your beach wedding theme is more on the old-fashioned side, these graceful barefoot sandal styles will definitely add some class to your sass! Who says you can’t have show-stopping feet?

Barefoot Beach Bride Accessories That You Can’t Do Without

by DaytonaBeachAuth on Etsy

Charmed Feet

Sometimes less is more! Dainty beading paired with aquatic charms give the perfect touch of wedding bling and chic style.

With these barefoot beach bride accessories, whichever style that suits your fancy is guaranteed to provide comfortable fashion all the way through the reception!

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