Dashing Gold Beach Wedding Ideas

Are you still looking for the perfect color to compliment your beach wedding concept? I think you should go with a little glimmer! The color gold is a great color to pair white or ivory with as it instantly enhances your entire wedding in a way that sparkles! It also adds a gorgeous touch of elegance. So how exactly do you incorporate this regal hue? Well that’s where I come in! From the decor to your dress, your exclusive guide for a truly enchanting beach wedding is right here!

Decor ideas

Using various shades of gold with multiple sizes of tin cups and cans makes for eye-catching centerpieces.

Fun with spray paint! If you were lucky enough to find massive whole seashells, adorning them with metallic gold would really pop!

Gold-rimmed dinner plates look extravagant with metallic plates and utensils!

What better way to show that Cupid lead you both to each other hearts? These gold arrows used to decorate the back of chairs are so romantic!

Wedding dress

Dashing Gold Beach Wedding Ideas

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If you don’t want to completely bling up your wedding dress with gold, you can always add some nice embellishments just around the bust area. Va-va-voom!

On the other hand, if you love to show off your shimmies, this amazing sparkled gold dress is simply captivating by the ocean tides!

Go all out! A metallic gold wedding is a great way to switch things up.

Feeling a little daring? This wedding dress combines beautifully placed gold embellishments with a light material that adds some allure. I’m sure your hubby-to-be would agree!

Wedding cake

A nautical cake with a simple design makes the gold roping pop just right. Ahoy, matey!

This nautical number is enough to make you want to escape to your honeymoon cruise ahead of time!

A cake to resemble the beautiful beach sands is fun and playful. We understand if you can’t wait to cut this one with your hubby.

This wedding cake gives an almost painted on look with a rustic twist to metallic gold.

With all these ideas to motivate you even more during your wedding planning, we wouldn’t be surprised if your big day was the wedding of the year! Have fun with creating your own special look, but don’t forget to make it dazzle! These gold beach wedding ideas are fabulous!

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