Beach Wedding Hair Tips

At some point in our lives as women, our hair has determined which outfit we wear or if we even feel like going out at all. It’s been there all of our lives and has even been the source of our expression and liberation when going through hard times. From childhood to adulthood, there’s no doubt that we have this special connection with our beautiful strands. As your wedding day approaches, you are probably paying a lot more attention to your hair nowadays as you try to come up with the best style that will compliment your wedding dress perfectly. Whether your dress calls for something chic or something free-flowing, it’s always good to do a little brainstorming well in advance so that you’re not on the verge of pulling your hair out altogether before the wedding. But there’s definitely more to your beach wedding hair than just simply picking a style. Grab a glass of wine and take a looksee at some lovely style tips I’ve come across.

What’s Your Texture?

We all have strands that are unique to us and no one else. And, contrary to popular belief, our hair can sometimes have a mind of its own as well. Do you remember the days where your hair would just not cooperate with a new style you loved while a girlfriend of yours who tried the same style had amazing results? This is because your natural texture ultimately dictates which styles will work best on you. You have to get honest with yourself and realize which styles best respond to your hair, even if your absolute favorite style is one you may have to modify a bit. Trust me on this one; it will save you the horror of uncooperative hair on your wedding day!

“Oh, The Weather Outside is Frightful”…But Don’t Jinx It!

Another important tip to take into consideration is what the weather will be like on the day of your beach wedding. You may already assume that the weather will be perfect, as you’ve double and tripled-checked to make sure it would be, but there may be some other factors that you overlooked. If you’ve chosen to do an elegant updo with cascading curls or romantic curls all over, you want to be reminded that the sun will more than likely be beating down on you. Depending on your texture, this may cause you to be a little hotter than usual, resulting in some of your beautiful curls falling before its picture time. A remedy to that would be to opt for loose beach waves with an optional side-swept style. Likewise, you also want to think about the gusty winds that may be flowing off of the water. In this case, you may want to opt for a tousled pulled-back style that won’t run the risk of blocking your view of that irresistibly handsome man of yours standing in front of you.

Beach Wedding Hair Tips

by PoppyCoast via Etsy

Add Your Special Flavor!

Aside from your natural texture and the weather to consider for your big day, it’s also a great idea to remind yourself of the kind of flavor you can bring as well! It’s totally fine to get inspired by all of these amazing pictures, but at the end of the day you want to ask yourself, “What style really represents ME in the best light?”. There may be a time where you love two styles that you’ve seen and are torn with which one to pick. You have the option for getting the best of both worlds and getting your stylist to combine those two styles for a whole new look! Don’t underestimate yourself.

I would love to see what you come up with!

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  1. Hazel says:

    I am having a beach wedding next August but have short hair with a long sweeping fringe and would love some ideas in wedding hair for short hair like I have

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