Beach Wedding Cake Toppers You Will Love

The beach wedding cake toppers are those fine little figurines that no beach wedding can go without. This adorable ornament is practically the centerpiece of the wedding’s centerpiece itself! So, the way I see it, a wedding is not a wedding without the wedding cake, but a wedding cake is just not a wedding cake without the cake topper!

Speaking about weddings, we all are witnessing the strongly growing tendency of organizing this important life event within a certain theme representing the taste and even the style of life of the marrying couple. On the other hand, in our busy days, when we leave less and less space for romance, beach weddings seem to provide a precious moment in time when we can experience and enjoy this very special and rare emotion. No wonder that beach weddings have lately become so popular! Once the wedding theme is chosen, every detail is then picked to match this theme. Beach wedding cake toppers should therefore have their fair share of attention, considering their importance.

Beach wedding cake toppers may vary widely (and wildly!). As we have become more and more obsessive with finesse, beauty and originality, we have also developed whole industries to provide these to the wider public. There are countless businesses strictly specialized in the production of this fine item, hence, the countless number of variants of wedding cake toppers offered on the market. So, don’t limit your imagination!

Your beach wedding cake topper may represent your personality, the love you have for each other, even your dreams (why not!). In this case, the traditional and very romantic ‘couple’ figurine would perhaps be a perfect choice.

The figurine can also be an item representing the chosen wedding theme. A beach wedding cake will definitely look gorgeous having a beach-theme topper – a couple of starfish, a pearl shell, a delicate coral … you name it! Just a little item to represent your love for the sea and for the freedom of spirit it inspires. And if you wish to please your guests, why not make them smile by choosing some funny figurine to be your beach wedding cake topper!

Have a look at the pictures here and get inspired!

Beach Wedding Cake Toppers You Will Love

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Beach Wedding Cake Toppers You Will Love

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Beach Wedding Cake Toppers You Will Love

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Did you know….???

Once upon a time, there lived in France (where else?!) a baker. And in his bakery this monsieur would offer not just delicious bread and soft fluffy buns, but also lots of sweet delicacies made of sugar and spice and all things nice, and of chocolate and cinnamon, and of marshmallow and caramel…. Yummeee!

Well now, this baker had a beautiful daughter and he loved her very much! She, too, loved her father dearly, but time passed and the little girl grew up, fell in love and got engaged. The wedding date was set and everybody was buzzing and fussing about the big event. The bride’s father was both, sad, yet very happy for his daughter, and he decided to offer her a very special wedding present – the best wedding cake anyone had ever had!

The big day came, and after the ceremony, everyone was eagerly expecting to see the promised best wedding cake ever. And, they were not disappointed! At all! The cake was truly spectacular, but what really earned everybody’s admiration, was a fine little figurine made of sugar and chocolate, gracefully standing right on the top of the cake. Actually, there was not one, but two little figurines – of the lovely bride, in her delicate white dress, lace veil and flowers in the hair, and of her sweetheart groom, in his wedding attire, both holding hands and frozen in time at the moment of their first kiss as a husband and wife. Needless to say there were a lot of “Oh!”-s and “Ah!”-s, and well deserved! Best part – after the wedding cake was all cut and eaten, the daughter kept the two little figurines as a dear memory not only of her wedding day, but also of her dear father. And so it was that the wedding cake toppers became a lovely and loved tradition. Well…. so the legend goes…

A true story or a fairytale – no one would ever actually know who came up first with the idea of the wedding cake toppers. What we know for sure is that in the 1950-s the little sugar figurines on the top of a wedding cake became all of a sudden a total hit of the pop culture in the USA. And as it was in those years with everything the American pop culture offered, soon this tradition, too, quickly conquered the rest of the world. Ever since, this small decorative item has become just as important a centerpiece of a wedding as the wedding cake itself.

Now you know!

All that said, let’s admit it – from the traditional ‘wedding couple’, through cute or even funny little ornaments within the chosen theme of the wedding, to sometimes truly grotesque “masterpieces” (Oh, yes! It happens!), the wedding cake toppers have earned their place in our culture. And no matter how many ‘pro’-s or ‘con’-s their use may be the subject to, one thing is for sure – not only they are a fine decoration for your wedding cake, but there will never be a sweeter memory of your wedding day than the wedding cake topper!

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