Beach Bridal Braids: the Hottest Trend in Wedding Hairstyles

Beach bridal braids are a fashionable and hugely popular beach wedding hairstyle trend. Braided hair is perfect for a hot summer day and has a delicate feminine look both, classy and casual.

The types and arrangements of braids are … well, almost endless! And the good news is that long hair or not, you can always have a graceful braid to get the perfect beach wedding hairdo.

You can choose for a single braid as a delicate hairstyle accent, or have your entire hair done in a stylish braid hairdo. Whichever wedding hairstyle you choose, be creative and have fun!

Here are a few amazing examples of beach bridal braids to get you thinking about your own braided wedding hairstyle.

Fabulous and Stylish with a Loose Braid

The trendy loose braids may look somewhat complicated, yet they are surprisingly easy to make. Stylists even call them ‘messy’, but they look so very stylish and chic in their “imperfection”.

Having your hair arranged in a loose braid (or a couple of them) may be the perfect option for your unique beach wedding hairstyle. The braid itself is not too tight and lets some locks of hair fall free. This gives a somewhat boho-style look, indeed, but, hey … a beach wedding is all about feeling ‘bohemian’ free!

From French or Dutch style to fishtail or waterfall style, the loose beach bridal braids look just fabulous!

Chic and Glamorous with Braided Updo Hairstyles

Hot from the red carpets of the most glamorous high-life events, come amazing braided updo hairstyles. The world’s top fashion designers, such as Valentino, Armani and Chanel, have chosen elegant braided hairstyles for their models this season, too! So, if you wish to look glamorous on your beach wedding day, why not follow the trend?!

There are various interesting braiding techniques to make every head unique, and the braided updos are among the most popular styles. They will always give an extra ‘charge of elegance’ to your wedding hairstyle and will make you look tres’ chic and classy. Besides, you can blend more than one different braiding styles and sizes, and can also experiment with highlights, textures, clips, patterns, shapes, etc.

Royally Graceful or Summer Carefree with Braided Crown Hairdos

The braided crown hairdo looks so sophisticated and romantic that it can truly ‘crown’ your head and make you feel special like royalty! No wonder that it is among the most popular hairstyles of many of the high-society and royal ladies!

On the other hand, as this hairdo holds the hair up and off the face and the neck, it’s perfect for the summer and – why not?! – for a beach wedding, too!

Again, as with all braided hairdos, the “crown” can be made in different braiding styles, in different sizes and differently arranged. It can be tight or a bit loose, a full braided headband, or just a ‘half’ crown. In other words, this hairstyle can be both, elegant and classy, but also girlishly cute and casual.

Braided hairdos have existed for millennia, and the fact that they are still popular in our days, too, may be something to seriously think about when choosing your beach wedding hairstyle. And why not?! They look elegant and chic even when “imperfectly messy”, they are versatile – inside out, upside down, twisted, tucked and coiled, in buns or crowns…. Braids seem to just never go out of style!

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