Pink Beach Wedding Ideas

Sweet brides-to-be, if you are still wondering about the color theme of your romantic beach wedding, why not consider pink? We bring to you some fabulous pink beach wedding ideas to help you make your decision. Pink will sugar-sweeten your special day and will bring promises for a future ‘vie in rose’!

Pink is the tender love-red, sexy and seductive, sensual and passionate, yet sweet and soft, cute and playful, romantic and pure. Pink is the perfect color to represent your feminine charm and delicate being.

Besides, pink is such a generous color! It perfectly complements the traditional wedding-white, and permits a wide variety of combinations with other colors. Perhaps you’ll be surprised to find out that pink has actually quite a rich (and oh, so beautiful!) palette of shades, each of these branching out into yet more and more color variations, giving you therefore a wide range of options.

So, a beach wedding in pink? Why not?!

Pink beach wedding ideas about your wedding stationery

Pink Beach Wedding Ideas

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Now that you have opened your heart for the idea of a pink beach wedding, let’s see how to best put this color’s magic to practical use. Pink can be delicately displayed on your wedding invitations, signs, etc. stationery, in various color combinations. If you prefer to show class and elegance, combine blush peach pink with soft sandy grey (you can even throw a drop of turquoise in the ‘color pot’!). If you’re going for a bohemian style beach wedding, combine softer shades of pink with light peach, beige and coral and add tender white lace. Should you choose to introduce some extravagance, though, pick two or three shades of pink and add gold (you can never go wrong with pink and gold!). My personally favorite however, is the graceful ‘pink, white & black’ – combination, where black is introduced in just small subtle details scattered against a lavish background of pink and white. Besides, this combination will always allow you to add some more sparkles to it all!

Pink in your ceremony and reception décor

Pink is considered as the color to best represent personality characteristics and personal emotions, such as innocence, tenderness, happiness and lightheartedness, euphoria even! Introducing pink in your beach wedding ceremony and reception décor therefore is so very appropriate!

Here are some pink beach wedding ideas for your wedding venue.

Pink and white against the background of the blue sea! Isn’t this the perfect setting for your beach wedding?! If you are a romantic soul, you may choose for a white wedding ceremony arch wrapped in delicate pink tulle ribbons and/or wreaths of pink and white flowers. Set white guest-chairs wrapped in pink tulle, add some pink lanterns along the white alley leading to the ceremony arch, and let the flower girls scatter petals of pink roses before your feet. Can it get more romantic than this?!

If you wish to add some playfulness to your pink beach wedding ambience however, you can choose for a variety of pink and white ball-shaped lanterns and balloons as prevailing wedding décor; offer your guests pink flip-flops, pink sunglasses, or introduce an all-around Hawaiian theme interpreted however in shades of pink.

Glamorous pink in combination with white and black in feathers, pearls, curtains and draperies, lit under crossing light beams from movie projectors – and you are a Hollywood star of a posh beach soirée!

Whatever theme you have chosen for your beach wedding, you will never go wrong with adding some pink sparkle to it!

Pink for your bridesmaids or your wedding gown

All the above suggested pink beach wedding ideas about color combinations and styles can be accordingly applied in the wedding attire and the wedding dress code. The soft pink shade of coral (or any other shade of pink!), for example, can be the perfect color for your bridesmaids’ gowns. And as pink is associated with all things sweet and nice, your little flower girls cannot look sweeter and cuter than in pink tulle dresses, can they?!

An exquisite touch of tender pink on your own white wedding dress will only add more grace and finesse to your overall ‘the perfect bride’-look! Should you choose to be a bohemian-style bride, for example, adding a few details in shades of pink to your wedding attire is simply a must, be it a wreath of pink flowers or a piece of jewelry in pink. And should you choose the Hollywood glamor style of the 50’s, adding pink feathers or pearls to your white wedding attire would be just so very right!

It’s amazing how many women prefer to wear pink! Pink seems to match just about any woman’s personality. A business lady or a housewife, a girl would always love to wear pink! This color has almost mystical power over women, making them feel better, cozier, prettier, and all-in-all more attractive and feminine. So, choosing pink for your beach wedding dress code won’t be a problem for any of the ladies. But what about men?!!! Most men would strongly object to wearing pink, starting with your own husband-to-be and his grooms. Fortunately, as said above, pink has a wide palette of shades, so choosing the right shade for the men won’t be a problem. In fact, salmon pink or ash pink are colors considered quite fashionable in contemporary men’s attire! Shirts in these shades of pink under light grey or white suits may therefore be precisely what you need! These would perfectly match even a black tuxedo! As the last resort, you may be lucky to sway your men into wearing at least a bow tie or a classical tie in some shade of pink!

Pink beach wedding ideas about your flowers and wedding cake

A beach wedding is the perfect opportunity to bring the magic of the ocean into your life! But the ocean is not just blue! The ocean also offers the incredible multicolor beauty of its underwater life, the exotic colors, tastes and aromas of its tropical beaches, and the breathtaking colors of its sunsets. It’s amazing how much pink there is in all that! So, choosing the pink color palette for your beach wedding is absolutely the right choice!

Speaking of flowers, pink roses tend to be very popular for a bridal bouquet (and those of the bridesmaids, for that matter!), be it for a beach wedding or not! Alternatives, such as exotic pink flowers, pink feathers, or even pink seashells/corals, however, could be a far better choice!

And what a better opportunity there could be to treat everybody to abundance of exotic tastes than a beach wedding?! Surprise your guests with cool smoothies, delicious deserts and /or exotic fruit treats, add pink in and on all that, and you’ll have one unforgettably delicious pink beach wedding!

Naturally, when it comes to tastes and aromas, most attention should be paid to your wedding cake. Choosing pink as the main color of your beach wedding theme doesn’t necessarily mean that your wedding cake must, too, be all in pink! All the above described color combinations and styles are most welcome for the sweetest wedding centerpiece! Besides, as you already know, there are quite a few variants of a wedding cake! No matter which one you choose, however, sprinkle exotic pink all around and it shall be a most sweet success!

In addition, treat your guests to pink champagne, or ask the bar-tender to surprise them with a signature-cocktail in pink, and serve generously until everybody starts experiencing ‘la vie in rose’!

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