10 Great Beach Bridal Shoes Ideas

A beach wedding is all about freedom, romance and love. But it’s also about beauty, elegance and a unique style displayed in every detail of the event.

Today we’re offering you 10 awesome beach bridal shoes ideas to match the extraordinary style of your wedding.

Elegant high stiletto-heel sandals in white, decorated with an original starfish-shaped front strap, and with a comfortable ankle strap with a pin buckle. These are not only beautiful, but will also ensure that your legs look gorgeously longer and slimmer.

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by marizasShop on Etsy

Cute leather sandals /flip flops with a flat sole in natural beige color. They may seem too casual but the lavish top decoration with white pearls in various sizes and the big crystal stone at the front make them amazing and stylish bridal footwear.

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via Aspiga

A pair of natural leather sole flat sandals on a thin (0.25″) non-slip low heel, featuring a unique top in a starfish design covered with tiny crystals/diamonds and with silver-shiny straps.

Gorgeous lacy beach bridal barefoot sandals, featuring a small diamond and a twisted pattern design with premium Czech quality crystals and tiny silver beads. Soft stretch elastic strips pass around the toe and the ankle making this footwear not just elegant but also highly comfortable.

Elegant flat-sole thong sandals, exquisitely decorated with sparkling crystal gems on a silvery in-between-toes strap, and with a comfortable ankle strap with a pin buckle. The perfect choice for a beach bride!

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by norakaren via Etsy

Glamorous peep toes, made of satin fabric in a pattern of sea shells in turquoise, and featuring a cute broche at the front, pinned with a little sparkling crystal, 2.5″ high elegant heels, and leather soles. Aren’t these the most adorable beach bridal shoes you’ve ever seen?!

Comfortable and light stylish lacy ballet flats in white – perfect footwear for a beach bride!

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by DreamingBabies via Etsy

White shoshanna bridal wedding flip flops, featuring a starfish brooch, white pearls and sparkling Swarovski crystals in different sizes.

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by Debra Moreland via Brides

Barefoot sandals for the boho chic beach bride, featuring ‘bling-bling’-sparkly foot jewelry in a delicate romantic design and style.

Tropical-fresh floral anklets to match the sensational and feminine bohemian style of a beach bride.

We hope these ideas have inspired your personal choice of bridal footwear that will make you feel special while walking down the aisle in your beautiful beach bridal shoes.

This post was brought to you by our dearest friend Rossitsa Yankova. Thank you!

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