10 Must-Haves at a Beach Wedding to Keep Your Guests Comfy and Happy

Beach wedding ceremonies and receptions are usually organized in the hot summer season, very close to the beach, and under cloudless (if fortunate!) blue skies. That all sounds very attractive, but it can at times cause problems. Your guests will naturally come to the wedding well dressed and with proper for the occasion hairdo, makeup, shoes… But under the scorching sun, the makeup starts melting, the tie starts choking, the high-heel shoes start hurting, the expensive hairdo starts falling apart…

To make your guests comfy and happy and spare them such inconveniences, you should definitely have these 10 must-haves at a beach wedding:


Make sure to have enough sunglasses for your guests. These don’t have to be of some expensive brand; there are plenty of cheap party shades out there! Good thing is that they are offered in various colors. Your wedding guests will surely have lots of fun wearing them! Place the sunglasses on a stand or in a basket near the ceremony area, and add a fun sign to let people know these are free to use.


Definitely a must-have for a beach wedding to keep people cool. Fans can be of so many shapes and styles that you can prepare a collection to fit and match your particular wedding theme and color palette. Besides, you can have them prepared as personalized wedding favors, too! A good idea would be to place a veer on each chair at the ceremony area, but you can also have them at the entrance on a special stand or in a basket, or you can ask your bridesmaids to give one to each guest as a welcoming gift.


Having small parasols will be such a great idea to keep your guests happy! They can use them to hide from the strong sun while enjoying the wedding ceremony (What a relief!) or, later, while having a pleasant stroll on the beach. Like the fans, the parasols, too, may be in various colors and designs and can even be used as yet another kind of custom-made wedding favors. Besides, the parasols can make a fun prop for the wedding photo session!

10 must-haves at a beach wedding to keep your guests comfy and happy

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It’d be great to offer your guests to get rid of their tight shoes and feel more relaxed and comfortable in beach flip-flops. ‘Cause be sure that at one certain time they will surely wish to do so! Especially when the party gets all wild and crazy! Just place a large basket full of flip-flops of various sizes near the entrance of the reception area, easily available to take and wear.

Beach mats/rugs

Beach weddings are all about freedom of behavior. So, don’t be surprised to see some of your wedding guests sitting on the beach at some point. Why not make them comfortable?! Make sure you can offer them a beach mat/rug to take to the sand! Alternatively, you could have a number of beach chairs, too!


When on the beach, people will not miss the chance of having a walk or even swim in the sea. Wedding or no wedding! Especially children and those crazy young friends of yours! Make sure they can have a towel to dry before going back to the wedding reception area.

10 must-haves at a beach wedding to keep your guests comfy and happy

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A ‘brush the sand off your feet’- station

A pleasant walk in the sea and on the soft beach sand is such an attractive entertainment for your wedding guests. Just make sure you place a comfortable chair and a number of soft brushes nearby, for them to relax and brush the sand off their feet before going back to their tables (or the dance floor!).

Dry and wet cleaning wipes

Make sure to have enough dry tissues to offer to your guests. You never know when they’d need one to wipe a tear off. Emotions run high at weddings! On the other hand, having wet wipes would be very helpful, too – to clean off accidentally spilled drink or just to refresh.

Refreshment station

Speaking of refreshment, don’t forget to provide a cool bag/box available to your guests. Place inside a few small bottles of water, a few cans of refreshing drinks and even some ice. When your guests decide to walk away from the party for a while, they will be happy to use these! Alternatively, depending on your budget, you can organize a whole refreshment station offering cold drinks, cocktails, and even ice cream.

Children’s beach toys

Children are adorable, true, but at some point they can get bored and would love to just play and have fun on the beach. Providing enough beach toys for the kids will help their parents enjoy the wedding. If the budget permits it, you could even hire a children’s animator to keep an eye on the little ones while playing and entertain them.

10 must-haves at a beach wedding to keep your guests comfy and happy

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Have a wonderful wedding and enjoy every minute of it! But don’t forget to make your guests comfortable and happy, too! They will appreciate it and will enjoy being with you on your very special day!

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