Sparkling Magic: Bold Sequin Dress for Your Beach Wedding

There is something magical when the sun spills thousands of tiny golden sparkles on the blue canvas of the sea! If you have chosen to be a beach bride, why not have this sparkling magic on your wedding gown, too?! A sequin dress would be a perfect choice for your stylish, dazzling and magically beautiful look on your beach wedding day.

Bold sequin dress

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Sequin fabrics are fine, light and delicate, and can be used for the entire gown, as well as in combinations with tulle, gauze, silk, and other types of fabrics, but in any case they always have a ‘wow’-effect.

Popular choices for sequins for a wedding gown are white on white fabric, but also silver on airy light grey, or gold on champagne-color fabrics. Sequins can cover the entire base fabric in a regular pattern, but can also be arranged so as to form beautiful shapes and patterns, making the gown look as a masterpiece of fine art.

Goregous sequin wedding dress

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And don’t doubt that golden nuances would not be appropriate for a wedding dress! A long trail gown made entirely of sequin fabric in silver or gold, does not only look glamorous, but will surely make you look like a true mermaid enchantress.

Champagne sequin dress

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Another popular trend is using sequin fabric for the top part of the wedding gown only. Here, you have a choice of whether you want the sequin part to be the accent of the gown, or just its subtle accessory. In the first case, you can go for some lavish style involving sleeves, wide straps, loose elements boldly revealing the décolleté, the shoulders or the back, or for a somewhat simpler cut but in artistic, hand embroidered, smashingly looking sequin pattern. In the second case, a delicate bustier, strapless or with spaghetti-thin straps, would be just enough as to add some bling-bling effect, yet not steal the attention from the rest of the dress.

Lovely short wedding dress

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Shoes? Well, this choice, too, depends on the style of your sequin wedding dress. Believe it or not, but flat sole, no-heel, or even barefoot sandals would perfectly match an all-sequin dress. On the other hand, a wedding dress with sequin top only, would need a pair of sequin shoes, to complete the overall style.

Finally, let’s say a few words about the accessories. Since the sequins already produce a strong sparkling effect, you should not go “crazy” on too many accessories and jewelry to complete your wedding attire. Instead, go for matt, pearly, or opaque accessories. Both, silver and gold jewelry would be perfect, but better with not too many or too big gems on.

Elegant gold wedding dress

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So …. Dreaming of diamonds and pearls for your perfect wedding gown? Then perhaps your big day deserves sequins!

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