Short Hairstyles for a Beach Bride

Having medium long or long hair would easily permit loose locks, braids, and other romantic hairdos to match the serenity and the magical beauty of the beach. But what if you have short hair? Does it mean that you can’t have an amazing hairstyle for your dreamy beach wedding, too?! Oh, not necessarily! No! There are lots of options to style your short hair into beautiful hairdos that will make you look special on your special day.

And as we know, how much you love your short hair, and want to look beautiful on your wedding day like in your dreams, here are a few short hairstyles to inspire you:


Short hair does permit elegant feminine hairstyles. As a matter of fact, quite a lot of celebrities are lately showing up at events with shockingly shorter strands!

One of the most popular and fashionable short hairstyles is the bob haircut. There are surprisingly lots of variants – a stacked bob, an extra angular bob, a cropped edgy bob…. They all are ideal for adding volume (with fine hair) and look charming. Bob haircuts offer great opportunities for breathtaking wedding updos which you’d never believe to be possible with short hair!

Another popular short haircut is the ‘pixie’ style. It’s edgy, yet feminine. It can be cute, sexy, sophisticated or funky, straight, messy or curly. No wonder it is one of the hottest hairstyles of 2015! And it’d be just perfect for a beach bride!

Short sassy shag hairstyle is yet another option for you to look innocent enough for a bride, but with a tint of coquetry.

Breezy curls, messy fringes, up to vintage curls …. Short hairstyles look gorgeous and refreshing!


Bridal accessories are a great way to make your short hair look gorgeous. A fancy headband or diadem, adorned with sea-inspired decorative items, pearls and jewels, would help you achieve that much desired elegant and feminine look, despite the short hair length. Other eye-catching hair pieces, such as a small birdcage hat, a feather-lace-and-pearls veil, a flower wreath, or just a few hair clips, combs, or flower bobby pins, will do the magic, too.

Beautiful bridal hair accessory

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Elegant bridal tiara

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Braids or loose wavy locks are among the most popular hairstyles for beach brides. But if you don’t have hair long enough for having one of those trendy lovely braids, why not add one? There’s a large variety of ready-styled braids that you can choose from and add to your short hair as an elegant headband. Have you pictured yourself as a beach bride with long, loose boho-style locks? You can be her! Just add a few clip-in hair extensions. They are friendly and can be styled as your natural hair into a hairstyle of your preference.


If you are ‘bold’ enough and wish to look different on your special day, how about dying your short hair a few shades lighter? Light colors match so well nautical themes! Play with highlights, too. Lighter, darker or even a in a “surprising” color, highlighted locks would help you achieve the desired amazing look.

Beach wedding hairstyles are not expected to be too much glamorous, tight, or elaborate. The romantic sea-inspired ambiance normally presupposes lighter, looser, more spontaneous and kind of breezy hairstyles instead.

We hope to have inspired your imagination. Now it’s time to talk to your hair stylist and choose the best hairdo for you!

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