Beach Wedding Sand Ceremony

The beach wedding sand ceremony is one of the most touching and fun moments of the event, enjoyed by everyone. This exciting unity ceremony is performed usually after the traditional wedding vows are exchanged, and is a unique expression and symbol of the sacred commitment of two lives, two people and two families becoming one.

When and where the beach wedding sand ceremony originated is unclear, though it is strongly associated with key ceremonial elements in the wedding traditions of the Native Americans or the Hawaiian people. Fact is however, that in 2004 over 25 million TV viewers witnessed the performance of a sand unity ceremony at the romantic wedding of The Bachelorette star couple Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter, and since then its popularity skyrocketed.

The sand unity ceremony is kind of an ‘offspring’ from the more traditional ages-old candle unity ceremony, where the bride and the groom light one big candle from their separate flames. Naturally, at a beach wedding, held in the open and with the ocean breeze running wild, the candle ceremony can be a challenge, which is yet another reason for the popularity of the lovely sand ceremony.

True to the spirit and flamboyance of a beach wedding, the sand unity ceremony is colorful, exciting and fun.

Here’s how it’s usually performed:

  1. On a small table stands an empty glass vessel – the unity vase;
  2. The bride and the groom each hold their own glass containers filled with sand (the unity sand) of different colors;

Tip: The unity ceremony set and the colors of the unity sand will look great if matching the overall color theme of your wedding.

  1. The first person (usually the groom) pours some sand of one color into the unity vase, followed by the other person pouring sand of another color. As this is repeated, the unity vase is filled with beautiful multicolored layers of sand. At the end, both pour their sand together, forming a mix of colors at the top, representing the wedding union.
  • Some couples choose to exchange their wedding vows during the unity ceremony.
  • Some couples prefer to keep a bit of sand in their personal containers, to affirm that in this marriage they still remain individuals with independent personalities.
  • Sometimes the sand ceremony involves some of the closest relatives, too.

Tip: Though the sand ceremony lasts just a couple of minutes, some light musical background will make it far more exciting – for example, a “remember the day we fell in love” – musical piece or song.

  1. Usually, the sand unity ceremony is ‘sealed’ with a kiss and enthusiastic applauses.

Lasting only a few minutes, the beach wedding sand ceremony is a timeless ritual to celebrate the union of two lives into one.

To make it unforgettable at your beach wedding, choose from our sand unity ceremony sets collection.

Enjoy and get inspired!

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