Beauty Tips for a Beach Bride

Planning the perfect wedding is exciting. Yet, stressful it can get, too! So much to think about, organize and do – it’s mind-blowing! As a result, the stress may unfortunately show, and all a bride would wish for is to look happy, radiant and picture-perfect beautiful on her wedding day.

So, girls, here are our top beauty tips for a beach bride to guarantee your perfect look and feel on your special day.

Bridal body and skin care

Having a beach wedding presupposes that you’re prepared to show more skin and body. But getting the best possible figure and complexion needs time, so you should start working on improving your looks way before the wedding day.

One of our top pre bridal beauty tips is, should you have the time, to definitely consider implementing a ‘beautiful me’-plan that may take several weeks and even months.

But then again …  Beauty needs time and deserves … well… little sacrifices. Right?!

— Start exercising —

Running woman

As soon as and for as many months before the wedding as possible! This is the best way to lose body fat and shape up the muscle mass. Jogging, boxing, swimming, biking and, if possible, a series of cardio workouts, 5 to 6 days a week, will do miracles for your body shape! If you are not that much into sports, replace or combine such exercises with fitness, zumba dancing, yoga, and even long walks. Above all – enjoy every moment! For, as they say, when we feel good, we look good!

— Get on a diet —

Vegetable salad

Cut off caffeine, alcohol, sugar, dairy, and processed foods as much as possible. Instead, include in your daily menu more vegetables and fruit, as well as delicious organic food. And drink water. Lots of it! While natural foods improve metabolism and blood circulation, providing your body with antioxidants much needed for good health and feel, water helps the body flush out toxins, hormones and bi-products. The result – smooth, soft and beautifully dewy and elastic skin and radiant natural complexion. What a reward!

— Deep cleanse the skin —

Face cleaning

Image by Zenspa1 on Flickr

If you’re dealing with acne, scarring or other complexion problems, it is highly advisable to have a course of deep skin cleansing procedures. After all, your skin will be the “canvas” for all color cosmetic add-ons applied later, and wouldn’t you want it to be in a perfect condition?!

So, another one of our top bridal beauty tips  is that at least 4 to 6 months before the wedding you should visit your dermatologist and start the procedures. Following the healing treatment, 1 or 2 weeks before the wedding day, indulge in having a facial. A facial can do miracles for your skin clarity and tone!

— Get a wax —

To complete your body and skin beautifying plan, get a wax 3-4 days (up until a week) before the wedding day. You can choose legs-only treatment, but, being a beach bride, you might also consider a bikini wax, too.


We couldn’t possibly miss out one of the top beauty tips for the beach bride! Having sexy, sun-kissed tan does not just perfectly match the style and the entire experience of a beach wedding, but it looks oh, so fabulous against the white bridal gown, the sandy beach and the sparkling ocean blue!

Natural tan is of course the best (and most pleasant!) solution. Start building it at least 2-3 weeks before the wedding and stop a few days before the actual day to avoid sun burned skin.

Woman on the beach

If however getting it is impossible for various reasons, there are other ways, too. You can achieve the desired natural-looking faux glow by applying special tanning products through different techniques.

— Tanning at home —

The most inexpensive and possibly most convenient way is to apply the tanning product at home. This method also needs time (about 2 weeks) and should be finished a few days before the wedding. Be sure to choose a lighter tanner than the final color you wish to get, and reapply the product every couple of days. In this way you are going to build the desired color gradually and will have the time to prevent any surprises. Be careful, strictly follow the instructions, and apply moisturizing lotion around and onto areas you don’t wish too much of the product on.

There are a couple of much faster and more efficient techniques to get a seamless glow, for which however you are going to need professional help.

— Airbrush tanning —

This method has become quite avant-garde and fashionable, and even though a bit costly, it guarantees perfect results. A salon or spa professional technician sprays you with a fine mist of UV-free tanning solution of a custom-calibrated color. He/she can fine-tune your desired hue and even contour your muscles to give you a more defined look. This is also a great method to hide any stretch marks, or scars. Getting an airbrush tan usually takes about 30 minutes and lasts 5 to 10 days.

— Spray tanning —

Possibly the most popular, this method is quick, easy and ensures excellent results. All you need is to step into a booth for just a couple of minutes and in several hours after the procedure you’ll already look like you’re just back from a luxury holiday in the tropics!  Apply this procedure at least 3 to 4 days before the wedding day. Remember that even though you will be tan after one session, you might need to go back to deepen and maintain your color.

Hair care

We continue our beach bride beauty tips list focusing now on the wedding hairdo. To be a beach bride is amazing, but it can be a bit challenging when it comes to keeping the romantic look of the bridal hairdo.

Lynn’s Beach Wedding

Even though any hairdo will work fine for a beach wedding, most beach-brides go for a more romantic, casual, mermaid-ish looking hair styling. Oh, those long wavy curls blown by the ocean breeze! So beachy and so beautifully looking! The question is – how long will they stay that way?! Wind, heat, strong sun, humidity (especially strong in the evening!) … It’s the beach, girls!

So, what can you do about it?

Here are some tips:

  • As soon as you pick the exact location of the wedding, visit it and try to spend as much time as the real event would normally last. Try to style your hair similar to how you are planning to wear it on your wedding day and see how it holds up. This will give you a real-life example of how the sea and beach conditions may affect your hairdo.
  • Start taking extra care of your hair at least 6 weeks before the wedding. Trim and shape it but don’t get crazy and try some drastic haircut! The important is to have the hair dead and split ends off and have a fresh clean cut.
  • About two weeks before the event, get a straightening/ relaxing treatment to have the hair appear more natural. If you’re planning to dye your hair or do highlights, have such treatment first, wait a couple of weeks, and then do color to avoid damaging the hair.
  • When you’ve already picked the wedding gown, it’ll be time to consult with your wedding hair stylist. Start experimenting with different hair styles and whenever possible, check how each of these would hold up under the sea/beach climate conditions.
  • Finally and most importantly: On the wedding day itself, make sure to bring a curling (or flatting) iron and enough hair spray, and have a friend who can touch up your hair style at any moment of dire need.

Bridal makeup

Lynn’s Beach Wedding

For the perfect wedding look we girls need to wear the perfect makeup, too! Beach weddings however present their particular challenges mostly because of the heat, the salty air and the strong sunshine which can greatly affect your beach wedding makeup. To ensure that you look stunning and flawless (and for the sake of photography, too!) here are a few valuable tips.

  • Weeks before the wedding, try a few make up styles and do the same beach trials as with the hairdo. Take some pictures too, to check which make up style will suit you best.
  • Exfoliate face and lips; this will make your skin smooth for the foundation and will also help the longevity of your lip color.
  • One week before the wedding have your eye brows shaped. This will also be the perfect time to apply lash extensions. You’ll need time to get used to them and allow potential irritation calm down.
  • Keep the matte look of your skin choosing an oil-free foundation that best suits your skin type, and using some translucent loose powder to avoid shining spots. Yellowish/bronze/gold lighter tones are best!
  • As a beach bride you definitely don’t need any strong and heavy makeup. All you’ll need are a few touch ups, applying the right color and amount of foundation, blush and lipstick. For afternoon and evening weddings, use some extra of shimmery highlighter.
  • To add some glamour and for a more dramatic and expressive look, add intensity to the eyes with a stronger eye liner.
  • For natural-looking lips use moisturizing lipstick or lip gloss in brighter shades of pink, rose or plum.

And remember – the best makeup formula for a beach wedding is one that’s long wearing. To avoid your makeup melting off your face in the sun and to control oiliness, use matte-finish, oil-free and waterproof makeup products.

Manicure and pedicure

On the wedding day there will be lots of people who would enthusiastically grab your hands to have a closer look at that shiny wedding ring. Besides, beach brides mostly choose more open footwear or would even go barefoot! So, having good looking manicure and pedicure is also an important part of the overall beach bride’s perfect look.

A Few Ideas for your Beach Wedding Nails

Image via Happy Wedd

Choosing the color of the nail polish and making a mani- and pedicure appointment is only a little step to that perfection, though!

You should start taking care of your hands and feet weeks before the wedding day. Regularly have hands and feet treatments with a specialist, and do your mani- and pedicure at least a couple of times. In this way your hands and feet will gradually improve their condition and will look soft and smooth. Besides, you’ll have the time to try a few different nail polish colors to see which one would look best on you.

Time to get ready for the big day!

Don’t leave it all for the last minute! Do your mani- and pedicure the day before the wedding. In this way, you will be sure that everything is all right, while the nail polish color will still look vibrant and shiny the next day.

As for what color to choose for your hand- and toenails, it naturally depends on many things – from your personality, through your wedding attire, and up to the wedding color theme. Yet, just as with the makeup, avoid exaggerating and better choose softer pastel tones – these match best any beach wedding! Besides, lighter nail colors will better handle a ‘oh- horrorchipped nail!’ situation!

Uncovering these bridal beauty secrets will guarantee not only your perfect look on your wedding day, but having hours and days of most pleasant experience, too. Promise!

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