Great Wedding Veil Alternatives for a Beach Bride

A beach wedding carries the romantic vibe of casual bohemian freedom and the wild charm of the sea. And this shows in the beach brides’ choice of a wedding gown and accessories, too, including the bridal veil.

While the traditional veil is still a top choice of many brides, the latest bridal fashion trends witness growing popularity of wedding veil alternatives that look gorgeous and stylish and add a lot of character and statement to the entire look of the bride.

These alternative bridal headpieces have earned their fame not only because of their beauty and originality, but also because they have shown to be quite a practical solution when dealing with strong ocean breeze, sun heat and seaside humidity – factors that present serious challenges for the beach bride’s perfect look.

Following the latest designers’ bridal collections, here are the most trendy beach wedding veil alternatives:

Floral or seashell crowns

It can not be more appropriate for a beach bride to wear a delicate wreath made of flowers and seashells, instead of a traditional veil. Vintage, whimsical and with bohemian charm, such headpieces look amazingly beautiful and match perfectly any beach wedding theme.

Statement headpieces

Statement headpiece with crystals

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Beautiful statement headpiece

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The statement headpiece, as one of the top bridal veil alternatives, is an avant-garde concept in the latest bridal fashion trends. This edgy, sexy and high fashion accessory makes a bride look chick and stylish and standing out from the crowd. That’s a statement!


Fascinators are a high-style trend in millinery fashion, worn by high-style ladies at high-style events  –  from races, to weddings and other special occasions. If high style is your beach wedding style, then such a trend-led headpiece would make the perfect wedding veil alternative.


The birdcage headpiece is an elegant and stylish bridal veil alternative. Made of a piece of a delicate net and embellished with beautiful decorative items and jewelry, the birdcage veil adds unparalleled charm to the beach bride’s attire.


Simplicity is often the key to perfection. A decorative comb, incorporated in the bride’s hair styling, is all about this! The comb’s top part can be decorated with items appropriate for the beach wedding theme that turn this single element into a stylish bridal accessory.


Headbands are delicate alternatives to bridal wreaths and tiaras. They vary in style, shape and involved decorative items, and can be beautifully incorporated in the bride’s hairdo, often holding the bride’s veil. Latest trends show headbands as a stand-out alternative to traditional bridal veils and headpieces.

Bridal wraps

Bridal wraps are a great beach wedding veil alternative, where a band of tender veil beautifully wraps the bride’s hairdo, fixed by a few decorative items and pieces of jewelry. This headpiece has a vintage charm and romantic elegance that will make a beach bride look stunning.

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