5 Wedding Guest Book Alternatives You’ll Fall in Love with

The wedding guest book is of course a must-have item, usually designed within the overall theme of the wedding and, as part of the wedding stationery kit, it is … well, a book where the wedding guests would sign and write their best wishes for the newly wed. But why not consider some more unconventional wedding guest book alternatives?! Styling your perfect beach wedding will definitely benefit from offering to your guests a unique wedding guest book.

We are delighted to offer you a few original alternative guest book ideas that will ensure a lot of fun during the big event and sweet memories in the years to come later. These original items will completely re-define the tradition and the entire experience of gathering wishes from your friends and family in a smart and funny way.

One of the most popular wedding guest book alternatives is the ‘Wishing Well’. Its variants are endless in creativity and design, but check out our ready-to-get-and-use suggestions first. You’ll fall in love with them!

Another smart and fun alternative to the wedding guest book are the wish-boards. These vary in size, design and style, too, but one thing is for sure – the wish-boards will make a fine wedding souvenir that you can hang on the wall and re-live the entire thrilling experience of the wedding day long after the big event has passed.

Here’s a wish from us: May the flame of your love never fade away!

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