15 Tips and Tricks for a Stress Free Wedding

Weddings are truly big events – big in beautiful emotions, big in bold plans for the future… but big in expenses, organization and stress, too! It is because of these three latter reasons that lately quite many couples decide to totally skip the whole wedding experience for honest fear of spoiling it all along the way of the wedding planning, when big dreams and expectations clash desperately with reality. Seriously, what does it take to have a stress free wedding? And is such thing ever possible at all?! How to remain stress free when caught in the tornado of wedding planning issues and problems?

Your wedding can still be the most beautiful experience of your life. Here are our top 15 tips for having a happy and stress-free pre- and on wedding day experience.

#1 Don’t panic!

“Shall my wedding dress be all right and ready on time?” “Will guests like the food?” “Will it rain on my wedding day?” …  So many questions! And so much to take care of! But you need not panic and call it all off just because you get scared that things may go wrong. Many things will go wrong and not to your expectations. Well…  C’est la vie! Wedding or no wedding, life offers us most unexpected difficulties all the time. All you need to do is accept that you just cannot control it all and do your best at solving each issue with a cool head.

#2 Start planning early!

Having a stress free wedding takes careful planning. Indeed, to plan even a small wedding is a serious matter – time, efforts, money and emotions consuming matter! So, start planning early! This is one of the most important tips you need to consider.

Starting with the wedding planning as early as possible will give you enough time to find a most reasonable solution to any problem. If possible, hire a professional wedding planner to take care of things. Sure, you’ll have your say on what your visions and expectations for your own wedding are, and you shall definitely have to keep an eye on how preparations are going on. But the wedding planner can take off your mind and time tons of organization issues. Stress free planning is a strong guarantee for having a stress free wedding!

#3 Don’t leave anything to chance!

Even though there may be some things you cannot foresee, try not to leave anything to chance. Nothing will get done by itself. It’s better to assess and plan everything in advance and always have a ‘Plan B’… just in case.

#4 It’s your wedding!

Don’t ever forget this! This is your day and it should be as beautiful as you wish it to be, and as you have dreamt of it to be.

As weddings are big family events, it is however only natural that parents, close relatives and friends start pushing forward their visions on what your perfect wedding should be like. Many couples tend to be ‘polite’ and accept the opinions and wishes of their close relatives and friends. Yet, soon they find themselves ‘out of the picture’, becoming mere spectators of a wedding planning show. Only this is not their wedding show! Their parents’, their friends’ perhaps… Not theirs!

To avoid such a mistake you need to learn how to set boundaries and defend your own visions and wishes. And don’t let get blackmailed, either financially or emotionally. Yes, your parents may be paying for the wedding, and yes, your closest friends’ opinion matters a lot to you. But it definitely must not be a reason for you to give up on your plans and vision of what your perfect happy wedding day must be.

#5 Be the boss!

A stress free bride? Sure! The secret is to be the ‘boss’. You need not to be a bridezilla, of course, but you will be hugely stress-relieved if you delegate various wedding planning activities and tasks to your bridesmaids, close relatives and friends. Let them show initiative and help you in preparing the wedding favors, placing cards, running errands… All you’ll need is good planning, clear instructions and firm hand to manage your team. This will leave you a lot of time to concentrate on more important things.

Which leads to our next several tips.

#6 Take care of yourself!

Our lives are stressful anyway, but with a wedding coming, stress levels may rise to most unpleasant headacheing heights. Pre-wedding accumulated stress will however lead to nothing but a stressful wedding day.

Yet, there are various ways to keep calm while planning your wedding and avoid stress. One of them is to take good care of your physical and mental health. Exercise, run, jog, ride or just walk and spend as much time as possible outside and away from all and everybody. Pamper yourself with various beautifying, spa and wellness treatments, luxurious getaways, and pleasant experiences alone or in the company of good friends. And don’t forget to get enough sleep, have a healthy diet, and avoid excess caffeine, alcohol, tobacco or drugs!

#7 Don’t get obsessed!

Yes, you are about to take a huge step in your life and yes, you wish your wedding day to be nothing but perfect. But don’t let this become an obsession! You have a life and people to share it with. So, do!

To relieve the pre-wedding stress one good tip is to set ‘no wedding talk’ hours and even days. You, your fiancé, your families and friends surely have a lot more to talk about than just the coming wedding. Organize close family and friends gatherings, picnics or just hang out and enjoy each other’s company stress-free from any wedding planning talks and cares.

#8 Remember you’re in love!

‘Cause you are! Right? Then don’t forget it. The wedding and everything else lose meaning if you forget the reason for it all. Sad truth is that many weddings get cancelled and couples separated because they forget to stay in love through the pre-wedding craze.

Wedding planning stress may well kill the beautiful feelings and emotions and even make people act in strange ways. And there come questions and doubts. “Why am I marrying him/her?” “Is this the same girl/man I fell in love with back then?” “Oh, my God! What am I doing?!”… And all this because you forgot that you are in love!

Instead, make sure to spend as much time as possible with your fiancé, enjoy each other’s company, spend quiet evenings together, go dancing, watch movies, make love, and forget about the wedding at least for a while!

Love on the beach

#9 Compromise!

Don’t forget that the wedding is a shared experience, so your fiancé’s opinions and wishes do count as much as yours. There will be aspects of the event on which opinions will differ, but this should not be a problem as long as both of you respect one another. Don’t fight! Discuss! Compromise! Voilà! You’ve discovered the “secret” formula of happy marriage!

#10 What’s the point?!

Don’t be afraid to ask yourself this question! In fact, you should be asking it every time you need to solve a wedding planning issue. What’s the point of all the preparations, troubles, expenses….? Is it the wedding day itself? To some extent, yes, but no more than it being one happy moment of your life shared with family and friends.

The right answer to this question is very different, though. The wedding day is the celebration of the union of two families in a future life together. Now, this is the point! And this is on what you should focus your attention. All the rest are just trifles not worthy of getting upset over. Once you realize this simple fact, you’ll be ready to face any difficulty and stressful situation.

Even if you have successfully overcome all the organization pitfalls and nerve-racking difficulties of the wedding planning, here comes the wedding day itself and it will be only natural to feel a bit stressed. To avoid this spoiling your joyful wedding experience, here are some additional tips on how to stay calm on your wedding day.

#11 Have a stress-free wedding day agenda.

The wedding day is indeed a busy day, so make sure you don’t plan too many things to do at the very last moment. Stick to the absolute necessary—hair and makeup, and let yourself enjoy the day.

#12 Get dressed like a queen!

Most wedding dresses are not easily put on. And it’s not just the dress! It goes with many other additional accessories and items to complete the final perfect bride look. Make sure you have someone to help you with all that.

Beautiful bride with a veil

#13 Secure good event coordination.

If you haven’t used the services of a professional wedding planner so far, perhaps you should consider hiring at least an event coordinator for the wedding day itself. You must be the ‘Guest of Honor’ at your own wedding, not the usher or any other executive staff. Better have someone else take care of all the details, someone to make sure everything goes on smoothly and as planned, someone who will make the wedding guests feel welcome and happy and the party memorable and fun.

#14 Enjoy the present!

Forget about the past and stop worrying about the future! It’s your wedding day, so try to enjoy it in full! Don’t let any unpleasant words, discussions or experiences from the past cloud your present joy, neither let yourself worry about things that haven’t yet come to pass. Such attitude will certainly help you have a stress-free and happy wedding day.

#15 Drive the mood

Even with most careful planning some things may still go wrong. Don’t let such trifles spoil your mood and try to always remain positive. You’ve just got married the person you love and this should be a reason enough for you to feel happy.  So, show off and shine, and spread your happiness! If you feel happy, your guests also will, and your wedding will be a fabulous success no matter what.

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