Cool and Fun Groomsmen Gift Ideas

A wedding, big and important life event that it is, brings lots of exciting moments shared with family and close friends. And while the bride and her bridesmaids busy themselves with getting overstressed and nervous about every single detail (and here’s how to avoid that!), the groom and his groomsmen have lots of fun. This merry band of brothers would usually include old and new close friends and relatives meticulously selected for their ability to and profound knowledge on how to party and have a good time. Surely such qualities and efforts deserve to be rewarded, and that could well be done by preparing for them some groovy groomsmen gifts.

We girls all know how difficult it may be to find original gifts for our men, don’t we?! Let alone choosing appropriate gifts for groomsmen! Now, don’t despair! We are offering here a few cool ideas by Groovy Groomsmen Gifts that you are going to love!

Personalized Whiskey Chilling Stones Whiskey Chilling Stones

Whiskey Chilling Stones

Great idea and so manly – rocks and whiskey! Not only these rocks cool the drinks without spoiling the taste with water, as normal ice cubes would, but these can be personalized and turned into cute take-away souvenirs to bring back sweet memories of the wild days of the wedding.

Personalized Lager Lugger Lager Lugger

Lager Lugger

The hot days of a beach wedding would require serious amount of cold beer – that’s what every groomsman knows. Make his life easier by offering him a unique beer bucket, personalized with a fun inscription and, most importantly, with a six pack of his favorite beer. And when the ice melts and the beer finishes, the bucket will stay!

Personalized Wall-Mounted Cap Catcher Wall-Mounted Cap Catcher

Wall-Mounted Cap Catcher

This groovy capsnagger is one of the top groomsmen gift ideas. It blends equal parts masculine cool and smart functional to offer an authentic gift for your best men. The fun part is that it can be personalized with words and lines that only them, the boys, will understand and appreciate. How cool is it for any of the groomsman to have this unique tool! Long after the wedding’s passed, every time he uses it to open his beer, it will remind him of those days!

Neck Tie Marshal

Neck Tie Marshal

Chic and dandy guys have lots of neckties. Should any of your groomsmen be of the vogue folk, here’s an awesome gift for him – a necktie marshal. This fantastic personalized man’s accessories organizing item is not only helpful, but will also make an original groomsman gift.

Hand Stamped Tie Bar

Hand Stamped Tie Bar

Another original gift idea for your stylish groomsmen is a tie bar. First off, the entire gang will look posh wearing the same ties and the same tie bars. And second, each bar can be personalized with a name or any other text, symbol or monogram, for a more sophisticated personal touch. What happens before the wedding … Let’s not talk about it now! What’s important is that on the wedding day the groomsmen will look like true gentlemen wearing such a fine accessory.

A Pocket Knife and Shot Glass Combo Gift Box A Pocket Knife

A Pocket Knife and Shot Glass Combo Gift Box

An awesome groomsmen gift offering in one stylish wooden box two original items representing two totally different personalities. It may seem not that much of a good idea, but in fact, it’s perfect. Just like the Ying and Yang these items represent the strong friendly bonds between the groom and each one of his groomsmen. That’s not just a gift. That’s a statement!

Personalized Vintage flask Vintage flask

Vintage Flask

A flask may seem a bit boring as a groomsmen gift, yet not this one! This flask is specially designed in the spirit of those old days when the devils syrup was against the law, especially when still in school or college. And wouldn’t we all agree that what’s prohibited is a must-have?! This flask makes a highly original gift bringing lots of memories to cherish forever. More flasks you can browse here.

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