Bridesmaids in Sequins

Sequins have become a hot trend in the world of fashion. On dresses, shirts, hats, belts and bags … it’s sequins everywhere! No wonder! With their bling-bling charm, these little “gems” bring a lot of sparkle and joy.

Bridal fashion celebrates this trend in full, too, from bridal gowns to the tiniest wedding decorations and accessories. Sequins decorate not the bride or the wedding venue only, though. Bridesmaids in sequins have become a top choice on many weddings.

Today we are going to show you a few gorgeous ideas for bringing lots of glamour and sparkle in the bridesmaids’ style by introducing the Sequins Code!


The glamorous Sequins Code can be introduced even before the wedding starts. During the last hours of preparations, the bride and her bridesmaids may start shining and sparkling dressed in comfortable kimonos of light silk richly decorated with sequins.

Bridal sequins kimono

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Floral bridesmaids kimonos

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And meanwhile, their dresses can be safely hanging on sequins-decorated hangers, too!

Bring the sparkles on, girls!

Gold sequins hangers

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Colorful sequins hangers

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The bridesmaids will look fabulous and like movie stars dressed in glittering sequins. The girls’ dresses can be made entirely of sequin fabric, or incorporate sequins-decorated elements. In either case, they will look gorgeous!

Gold sequins bridesmaid's dress

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Bridesmaid's separates

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Lovely bridesmaid's dress

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Sequins’ sparkling beauty is best revealed under generous sunshine. Any bridesmaid would look like a mermaid on the beach wearing a sequins-decorated bikini set.

Sequins swimming suites

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And she will look yet even more attractive with a floppy beach hat with sequins lettering on! Just the perfect look for a beach bachelorette party as well.

Sequins summer hat

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Complementing the bridesmaids’ attire with elegant floppy hats will give them the looks of true ladies. Add however a smart lettering in sparkling sequins on each hat, and they’re going to look sensational!

Floppy hats decorated with inscriptions written with sequins are the total boom of fashion now!


Another item of the bridesmaids’ wedding looks to introduce the fashionable sequins code, are their bags. It can be a small pouch or a clutch, enough to hold just the most necessary items, but with a perfect touch of sequins sparkle.

Sequins pouch

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Sequins clutch

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Should you introduce sequins glitter on dresses, hats and bags, their magical sparkle should not be missed on the very little details, too. From lovely bow glitter fabric shoe clips, to sequin belts, sequin trimmed handkerchiefs, sequin & lace or silk ribbons, sequin bowties…  Make them all shine and sparkle!

Glitter fabric shoe clips

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Sequin & lace or silk ribbons

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