Personalizing Your Wedding is the Best Way to Go

Planning a wedding is probably more memorable than the event itself. Challenging, too! Every couple has its vision on what their special day should be in terms of the perfect location, the appropriate decoration and all the hundreds of big and small details.

While wedding agencies and experts can help a lot in organizing the event, they usually tend to sell service ‘packages’, offering  you to choose from a list of wedding themes. And that’s all right! But how can you make your wedding truly yours, a day and an experience to remember and cherish for life? One simple answer – Personalize!

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Any wedding theme can be personalized so as to make the event memorable for the newlywed, as much as for their families and friends, too. We offer you here a few tips on what you can do about it.


Invitations are one of the key elements in organizing a wedding. The choice of design would naturally follow the theme you have chosen. But why not add a little personal touch to it?!

Wedding invites with strafish

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  • Add a nice romantic photo of you both. It may be a photo from your engagement party or you can have one taken particularly for the purpose. The photo can be printed on a suitable place on the invitation, or it can serve as a background of the invitation card.
  • A heart-touching poem you both love. You have ‘your song’. Perhaps you have ‘your poem’, too – one that expresses in beautiful verses the feelings and the love you feel for each other. Don’t be shy to show the world what touches your heart! And if any of you has found the poet in her/himself, this could be a self-written poem, too!
  • If you are concerned with preserving the environment, then you could go “green” and let your invitations show this off. Use recycled materials for the invitations, etc. wedding stationery. How cool would it be to send out wedding invitations that you have made yourself?! You can use paper bags, scrap paper, even old CD-s, or any other suitable material and items. Decorate with buttons, twine, shells … Personalize!
  • Another cool “green” idea would be to use plantable print paper for your wedding invitations. This is a special seed paper which, when planted in soil, actually grows live plants, such as wildflowers or herbs! Such a wedding invitation is a beautiful personalized gesture to the special people you’d like to share your special day with.

Wedding attire

Choosing the wedding gown and suit/tuxedo, as much as the attire for the bridesmaids and bridegrooms, up to the entire wedding dress-code (if you choose to have one), is hard to personalize. Still, you could add some small details that would do the “trick”. Here are a few ideas:

Love message on a wedding tie

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  • Mom’s (or Granny’s!!!) wedding dress. Or dad’s wedding tie. You can’t have it more personal than that! It’s a heart-touching gesture to your families, too!
  • Wear a small accessory that has been passed within the family from generation to generation. It could be a small broche, a pocket watch, or something similar that connects the newlywed to the history of their families.
  • Finely embroidered names on certain small accessories from the wedding attire. It could be his name embroidered on the bride’s garter, and her name embroidered on the pocket square or the tie of the groom. Instead of names, it could be the wedding date, too. Such inscriptions can also be finely engraved on the wedding rings.
  • To add a speck of good humor, instead of fancy shoes why not choose to wear your favorite sneakers? The groom may also make everybody smile if adding an item from the attire of his favorite super-hero.
Personalized bridal sneakers

Design by LovinCollection

Wedding favors

Wedding favors are perhaps the items that can be personalized best of all. For one, they can be prepared by the bride and her bridesmaids themselves. This calls for a girls’ night of lots and lots of fun! Doesn’t it?! The boys can have a night to remember, too, when exchanging the specially prepared unique groomsmen gifts.

On the other hand, as these little items hold big things – not in size, but in meaning and sentiment – they also make great memory gifts for wedding guests. Here are a few tips about personalized wedding favors:

  • A small self-made item with a personal message
  • For the girls – a bracelet, a puff-box, a small mirror, or a purse, with a wedding-related inscription (could be the name of the bridesmaid, the wedding date and location, the names of the bride and the groom, etc.)
  • For the boys – some ‘macho’ item, with a personalized label on
  • For the wedding guests – a bottle of good wine with a wedding-related label on


The wedding ceremony is the most emotional part of the event. You can make this special moment memorable by introducing various personalized touches.

  • Write your wedding vows yourself and express your deepest emotions in your own words
  • Pick a location for the ceremony that is a place special for both of you or/and your families. It could be the place of your first “I love you”, the spot of the proposal , or the church where your parents and grandparents have said their “I do”-s
  • Add to the ceremony venue decoration a couple of personalized items, like a monogram of flowers on the wedding aisle, or big decorative initials of your names by the ceremony arch
  • Let your favorite pet bring the wedding rings
  • Run your favorite song at a key moment of the ceremony
  • Do the sand-ritual
  • Say a few kind words to family members and friends as the new Mr.&Mrs.

Reception décor

You can add lots of personalized touches in the wedding venue decoration and in the entire organization of the wedding reception. Small details matter big! So, make them count.

Tropical leaves table setting

Design by SetCollections

  • Make sets of name plates and wedding favors that guests can take away as memorable gifts
  • Personalize the menu with fun names of the offered dishes
  • Don’t miss on the father-and-bride and the mother-and-groom It’s such an emotional moment for everyone! Want some fun? Change partners at some point and even change the music.
  • Involve your wedding guests in fun games and rituals
  • Set up a bar and offer signature drinks
  • Provide a personalized item for your guests to leave their best wedding wishes
  • Set up a personalized photo booth and let everyone have fun
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