How to Organize a Beach-Themed Bridal Shower

Wedding venue – check, wedding dress – check, first wedding dance music choice – check….. OK, the list is not short at all, yet there is still something missing here.

Sometimes when you are so busy thinking about and planning your dream beach wedding, you might indeed miss something. Don`t worry! That’s what you have your maid of honor and bridesmaids for. They would also be the ones to make sure that the bride has some fun before the wedding, too.

Now, if the bride has chosen the beach theme for her Big Day, it would only be perfect for the bridesmaids to follow this theme and organize a beach-themed bridal shower for her.

For all the bride`s girlfriends out there, here are some valuable tips to make her happy: choose the venue, the color palette, pick the décor details, and think about some fun games and challenges as a surprise for the future bride-to-be. Last but not least, prepare a lot of presents to make her feel really special and happy.

Don`t waste time! The first step is to get some exciting ideas.

Choose the venue

No doubt, a bridal shower on the beach on a sunny day would be the perfect choice, although tradition says that the venue for such a party should be at the maid of honor’s home. However, if it`s not possible to have it right on the beach, you can still find a pleasant hotel, restaurant or café and make the ambiance beach-like.

When you`ve already booked the place, go ahead and

Choose the invitations

Invite the bride’s close friends and family by sending them a special bridal shower invitation. Think about the bride’s favorite colors or stick to a color palette representing summer, the beach and the sea. Pick a main marine motif like, for example, an anchor, an adorable sea horse, or a tiny starfish, and make sure it appears on the stationary, the décor and the favors.

How to Organize a Beach-Themed Bridal Shower

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Speaking of décor, pay special attention when

Choosing the décor details

Small details often make big impression! Your guests and the future bride will be fascinated with beautiful décor details, so don`t miss having them all around. Personalize the bride’s chair and the wine glasses, and pick some beautiful centerpieces for the festive table.

Now, no party can go well without good food, so

Choose appetizers, desserts and drinks

Bridal showers are usually held during the day, so how about having a lunch or a brunch somewhere by the sea? There are tons of good ideas of what to order for the party. You can pick mini burgers as appetizers, fresh fruit salads and sweet treats, as well as fresh non-alcoholic or alcoholic cocktails. If you are wondering what to pick for favors, beach-themed cookies are a great choice.

How to Organize a Beach-Themed Bridal Shower

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No matter what and where, the bridal shower is not just some ‘ordinary’ party! And even if it’s not a birthday party either, it just cannot go without presents. So, bridesmaids, put your originality hats on and

Choose the gifts

The idea of the bridal shower is to celebrate the bride’s last days as a single woman, and to “shower” her with lots of fun presents. It’s still not the day for her to receive ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, but you can still surprise her with many little things that she would keep and cherish for the years to come. Naturally, pots and pans are just out of the question! But how about sexy lingerie, or a cute little jewellery box, a handmade card with a heartbreaking text message…. you know your girl and I`m sure you will pick the best gift.

I hope these tips will help you to throw a remarkable, seaside inspired bridal shower for your friend.

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