how can you make your wedding truly yours, a day and an experience to remember and cherish for life? One simple answer – Personalize!

Everyone loves a beautiful spring wedding, right? It’s truly the best time of year to become one with your significant other. The flowers look amazing as they bloom, the sun shines brightly on a gorgeous spring morning ...

Unless you previously mailed out save the date reminders, the wedding invites are the first glimpse of your wedding that guests will have. Do it the right way!

Save-the-date wedding cards are allowed to be more creative and fun than the formal invites you’ll be sending a little later. It is important to have a little fun with it and express your love in creative, loving, and funny ways.

One of the most romantic moments in a relationship is the “Will you marry me?”- proposal. And while there are hundreds of emotional ways to do it, the moment you open that small box is priceless!

Every groom and his band of ‘bad boys’ have their own ideas of how to make the bachelor's party memorable. And while ‘partying-as-if-for-the-last-time-ever’ is a must, we would like to offer a few great ideas on how to keep the memories from that night long after the hangover morning.

A beach wedding is all about the magic of love, free spirit and romance. To match the unique experience of your big day you'll need a unique wedding gown! Take a look at the frivolous boho-chic designs by Orit Barzelai!

Destination weddings to a beautiful beach have always been a popular idea. It simply takes planning and a few good tips to get you started.

Tulum is a true tropical paradise with crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches, lavish sun and exotic scenery. The young couple Tamalin and Phillippe couldn’t have picked a better location for their dream beach wedding!

Enjoy the incredible elegant special day of the young Californians Annika and Xavi that took place in the magical town of Sayulita, Mexico!