Non-traditional Beach Wedding Ideas to Escape the Clichés

I do respect and love most of the wedding traditions but my sudden inspiration from today is actually quite eccentric. This post is for those who think out of the box and forget about the clichés on their wedding day. From the wedding venue to the bridal accessories, every little detail is important to make your day special and unforgettable. Check out few non-traditional beach wedding ideas and grab the best one for you. Make your beach wedding original by twisting the traditional etiquette to something cool and new.

Wedding decor

Non-traditional Beach Wedding Ideas to Escape the Clichés

By Ceremony Setup Ideas on Pinterest

If you want a more casual ceremony choose soft pillows instead of chairs. It`s simple and comfy!

Paper lanterns are a cheap and wonderful way to decorate your beach party.

Personalize your wedding by throwing something different then rice. These balls are really fun and come in different colors.

Wedding gown and grooms suit

Now this is gorgeous! This white and orange wedding dress is bold and really stylish.

Here is a brave groom with orange trousers and pink jacket. Fresh and unusual combination.

This wedding dress looks like a white canvas has been painted by a talented artist. Just beautiful!


Non-traditional Beach Wedding Ideas to Escape the Clichés

via JCBees on Etsy

I think these adorable palm leaf fans are perfect to replace the traditional bridesmaids’ bouquets.

Who needs real blossoms when you have thousand of lovely seashells on the beach? Just combine them with some sparkly brooches to have a beautiful brooch bouquet; moreover it will become a precious souvenir from your weeding.

This is my favorite alternative for the bridesmaids’ bouquets. Outfits and bouquets are in perfect match for a beach wedding.

Wedding Cake

Mini ice creams instead of the traditional wedding cake could be an original way to refresh and sweeten you day.

These two are so cute and funny for a cake topper. It looks like the groom and the bride have a common hobby.

This wedding cupcake tower is much cuter than a cake! My choice for sure when I get married one day.

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