8 Unique Ideas for a DIY Save-the-Date Photo Shoot

On top of prewedding jitters, planning a wedding can be incredibly stressful with a lot of things to take note, remember, and take care of. Think of save-the-date announcements as a prewedding invite to get everyone excited for the wedding. They also let friends and family know the date, the time, and the location of the ceremony.

Two hearts in the sand

The announcement usually comes with a card and is usually a photo of the couple, but lately, couples have become more and more creative with their photo shoots. Couples have the option of having a separate engagement photo shoot or not, but whatever the choice is, there’s no reason the save-the-date photo card should be shabby. If you’re looking for exciting and unique ideas, take a look at the list below.

Go Eco-Friendly

Invites can cost a lot of paper, and if you’re an eco warrior or someone who is trying to minimize waste, a plantable save-the-date card will surely appeal to you. If you and your partner are active volunteers, it is a good theme for the photo shoot. These cards have seeds in them, which can be directly planted on the ground and can be different kinds of plants, like flowers and even trees. It works as well if you plan to have a garden wedding.

Frame It

Another unique photo-shoot idea is using big frames. The idea is to use it to “frame” something, like the couple or the date of the big day. There are many ways to do this, and it all boils down to creativity and buying interesting craft supplies.

Comic-Strip Romance

A picture paints a thousand words, and what better way to summarize your love story than with a comic strip of pictures. Make it creative by adding speech bubbles and some text. This can be an informative and entertaining way to invite family and friends to the wedding.

Play with Cardboard Cut-Out Shadows

Save the date cut-out shadows

Photo via Alina Design Co.

Skip the dress, makeup, and hair expenses on regular photo shoots by using shadows. You only need the sun, a couple pose, and a cardboard cut out of the announcement you want to make, like the date, the location, and the time. Not only is it a unique photo-card idea, but it is also inexpensive and creative.

Chalk Story

This idea is great especially if one or both of the couples are visual artists because they can create drawings themselves with a chalk and their love story. This can be done creatively with the couple posing in front of the finished chalkboard or lying down on the street with chalk scribbles of the announcement.

Chalk is a great material to work with because any erasures or adjustments can be made with one swipe of a cleaning cloth, and it’s fun too.

Sports-Themed Save the Date

Couples who both support the same team or are into sports can use their passion for the hobby as a save-the-date photo shoot theme. Fishing fans can opt to use the engagement ring and a fishing hook as a memorable photo card, while basketball fans may use the court as a venue and their jerseys to reflect the wedding date. There are many creative ways to do this; the key is to use props to make the photo shoot more interesting.

Paper Hearts and Confetti

Nothing is more straightforward in announcing your upcoming nuptials than is a photo shoot filled with scattered paper hearts and confetti. If you’re iffy about wasting paper, there are eco-friendly options by recycling old paper and other stuff. Couples can use flower petals as well.

Polaroid Simplicity

Nothing sets a laid-back vibe better than using polaroids for a save-the-date photo shoot. Polaroids make cute couple photos more intimate and relaxed. They also set a great tone for vintage wedding announcements and themes.

The Sky’s the Limit!

Save-the-date wedding cards are allowed to be more creative and fun than the formal invites you’ll be sending a little later. It is important to have a little fun with it and express your love in creative, loving, and funny ways.

Do you have save-the-date photo-shoot ideas you’d like to share? Write them in the comments section below.

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