Beach Bachelorette Party Ideas

Girls just want to have fun before the wedding! Especially when their lives will change forever after she says “I Do”. A bachelorette party is the ultimate way to allow the bride-to-be to wind down and let loose a bit before one of the most monumental days of her life. She deserves a little fun while in the midst of all that wedding planning! So why not eternally seal your role as best friend forever with throwing her an awesome beach bachelorette party? With the beach as your adult playground, you can definitely get really creative with how you choose to make it a girl’s night to remember!

Where to, my dear?

Why the beach, of course! Unlike other bachelorette parties, you don’t have to wreck your brain too much over the best venue that you think everyone would like because well, who doesn’t like beaches! If your bestie-bride-to-be is already having her wedding on the beach, this makes your planning a whole lot easier! Since she has probably already divulged all the juicy details to you about the location of her wedding, use that as an opportunity to give her a relaxing sneak peek of how blissful her big day will be soon after. With candles, drinks, music, plenty of pillows and crisp ocean air, she won’t be able to resist letting her hair down! Not sure if you can secure the beach in time? No worries! The same effect can be done at a fabulous pool of our choosing. To make the party even more fun, you may want to think about extending the festivities for a whole weekend filled with spa treatments and more!

 Altogether, Now!

A bachelorette party just isn’t a bachelorette party without the infamous and sassy collective attire. For the theme attire of her beach bachelorette party, try to come up with something that the other girls would also love to keep as a keepsake to remember as the years go by. To keep it nautical-themed in a cute way, getting some sailor hats would be a great touch! If you’re wanting for everyone to look a little more fabulous, getting customized straw hats in different colors would be help keep everyone cool. Pairing these beach-themed ideas with traditional bachelorette ensembles, like personalized shirts or bags, frilly boas and a little costume jewelry, will make for some great pictures!

You are cordially invited…

Now that you have your venue and bachelorette wear picked out, it’s time to make a list of all the girls attending so that you send out an extra special invitation. With these types of things, you can always add a more personal touch by creating the invitations on your own from scratch. Thanks to today’s technology, you can also send out a fancy invitation electronically. However, if you don’t have a lot of time and still value the sentimental value of sending out an invitation that can also become another keepsake for scrapbook memories, there are many beach styles to choose from. Whether you’re going for a vintage or trendy theme, be sure that the invitations are worth saving!

Beach Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Beach Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Sip & Bite!

Let’s backtrack to more details about your beach venue for the party. Since all the girls will be having fun running along the beach, playing hilarious bachelorette games and having juicy girl talk, you want to make sure that everyone can indulge in some great drinks and food to keep spirits high. For the drinks, you can get as fruity as you want to, simply because you’ll be in a tropical paradise! Why not? Getting a good idea on what drinks everyone would like and making a list ahead of time will help prevent any alcoholic goodness from going to waste. Some great drinks and shots to try would be Chocolate Martinis, Bahama Mamas, Sex on the Beach, Buttery Nipples, Lemon Drops and an array of jello shots!

For food, you want to keep it light but fulfilling. After all, you don’t want all of the girls including the bride having a hard time fitting into their dresses! You also want to make sure the girls have something else to put on their bellies will all those yummy drinks. Finger foods like spinach and feta stuffed mushrooms, personal gourmet pizzas, and canapés are great to start with. But you can’t forget dessert! Chocolate-covered fruits and flavorful cupcakes would finish off everything nicely.

Last But Not Least!

You may have the attire picked out for the bridal party, but the bride herself needs something a little more glamorous to make her feel like the belle of the ball. Since it’s all about her, you can go all out! Prepare some fun wedding accessories for the future bride to wear so that everyone will know it is her special night. Providing her with a unique bachelorette sash, cute bikini wedding sash and a sparkling tiara will do the trick for sure!

Beach Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Beach Bachelorette Party Ideas

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Hangover Part 4: Girl’s Style..The Day After!

After all of the drinks have been drunk, all the songs have been danced to and the food has been eaten, everyone including you is going to be pooped! While planning for the bachelorette party itself, you also want to plan for the inevitable crash that will happen afterwards. Be sure to already have a place for everyone to crash, such as a hotel room near the beach, so that safety is always practiced.

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