5 Gorgeous Spring Wedding Ideas

Everyone loves a beautiful spring wedding, right? It’s truly the best time of year to become one with your significant other. The flowers look amazing as they bloom, the sun shines brightly on a gorgeous spring morning and afternoon, and we now have longer days and shorter nights.

Spring beach wedding

So, you’re determined to get married in the spring. We’d like to help by sharing 5 gorgeous wedding ideas with you today. After you’ve planned your special day to the hilt and combed through the virtual racks of destination wedding dresses by Azazie, remember to visit https://www.honeyfund.com/ to set up your honeymoon registry. And use these tips to make your wedding truly spectacular.

#1 Really Bright Bouquets Look Stunning

By having a spring wedding, you are having it at a really special time of year. The gloom and darkness of winter is finally beginning to subside. The spring reminds us of renewal and rebirth. So you should choose beautiful spring wedding bouquets filled with gorgeous rainbow colored flowers made up of countless varieties. These bouquets will really stand out, get noticed, and make your wedding look brighter and more fun.

Colorful wedding bouquet

Bouquet by Baja Botanica | Photo by Jenn Emerling

#2 Add a Flower Crown to Match Your Bouquet

If the bride really wants to stand out – and she should on her wedding day – she should add a flower crown to her wedding ensemble. Remember, spring flowers are bright, colorful, and plentiful. She should hold them in her hands and wear them around her head. And most important of all, the flower crown should match the flowers in her bouquet for consistency’s sake.

Matching flower crown and bouquet

Florals by Eothan Floral | Photo by Onelove Photography

If a flower crown seems too difficult to make, you can always ask your florist to create it for you. With this approach, you’ll have a stunning colorful crown to wear on your head, which will match the beautiful bouquet in your hands.

#3 Spruce Up the Groom’s Outfit with Colorful Accessories

Experimenting with different colors is always fun to do during the spring. Often times, the groom’s outfit is made up of a black tuxedo, black tie, and black shoes. How about changing things up a bit guys?

A navy blue suit would certainly look amazing for a spring wedding. You can wear a printed tie, have colorful flowers pinned to your lapel, colorful shoes, or anything else your heart desires. Just remember that spring weddings are the ideal time to begin experimenting with color. If it seems a little out of the ordinary, so be it as long as it makes you happy.

#4 Select a Wedding Cake Inspired by the Spring

Many wedding cakes have vanilla icing on the outside and yellow cake on the inside. This is perfectly acceptable and if you love this type of cake, by all means choose it for your wedding. But if you’re looking for something different and maybe a little bit daring, a floral pattern wedding cake might be just what the wedding planner ordered!

As you can imagine, floral wedding cakes are very popular during the spring. They look amazing, and even more importantly, they taste amazing too.

#5 Choose Minimalist Spring Centerpieces

Table centerpieces should be minimalist, attractive, and spring-like in nature. A simple vase or jar filled with daffodils, tulips, or gypsophila creates a rustic vibe and should definitely do the trick.

Spring wedding table setting

Event design by Forrest and J | Photo by Wisteria Photography

Cultivating the perfect spring wedding is likely at the top of your mind. You can design your big day with renewal, bright colors, and spring themes in mind. You’ll have no trouble pulling this off when using the tips we’ve shared today. So please make the most of them and have the spectacular spring wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

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