A Perfect Match: Engagement and Wedding Ring Sets

One of the most romantic moments in a relationship is the “Will you marry me?”- proposal. And while there are hundreds of emotional ways to do it, the moment you open that small box is priceless! What’s in it speaks a lot, and reveals how well your partner really knows you.

Engagement ring

In style, engagement rings may vary a lot, based on personal tastes and … well, on the budget, as well. From the classic ‘diamond ring’ – designs, to more intricate shapes of the ring band and various displays of the top stone, there’s a rich choice to benefit from.

Usually, the ‘promise’ ring has a single ring-band, but contemporary designs feature other beautiful options, too, such as double-bands, entwined bands, or shaped bands. Besides, jewelers are able today to offer these in a variety and combinations of metals besides the classic gold, such as silver, platinum, white gold, rose gold, etc.

Rose gold bridal set White gold bridal set

The top stone is perhaps the most exciting element of the engagement ring. Traditionally, it is a single dazzling diamond, set within a ‘crown’ of the main ring-band metal. Its size and shape, quality, value, color and type – these all depend again on personal taste and affordability. And while ‘diamonds are forever’, don’t rule out other top jewel options, equally beautiful and unique, such as the delicate Morganite, the sparkling Moissanite, up to the seductive deep colors of the Tanzanite, or the Garnet.

Diamond engagement ring Tanzanite engagement ring

An engagement ring is however just half of the story! With the wedding day coming, it calls for a matching wedding ring set. Choosing the wedding rings is an exciting experience for the future married couple, but in some cases, it may pose some challenges.

For the start, the design and style of the wedding rings should match those of the engagement ring, since the bride shall wear them together. On the other side, the set should not be too ‘feminine’ in design, either, considering the future hubby’s taste. The safest choice would be to go for the elegance of the classic single-band ring design typical for most of the affordable wedding bands. Flat, court, or D-shaped, the wedding rings will then beautifully sit on the fingers of both, bride and groom, and will gracefully complement the engagement ring in a perfect match.

Matching wedding bands in yellow gold Matching wedding bands in white gold

More extravagant choices include wedding rings made of a combination of metals, double ring-band designs, or rings decorated with precious stones along the ring band, up to those featuring certain unconventional shapes. And if you are feeling really bold, why not go for a matching wedding tattoos?!

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