Personalized Best Man and Groomsmen Gifts They’ll Love

A wedding is … well, a lot of things, and all of them so very and so seriously important. But wouldn’t you agree that, as with many other important life events, the time of expecting the wedding is more fun than the day it happens?!  Undisputedly, one of those exciting moments is the bachelor’s party. Every groom and his band of ‘bad boys’ have their own ideas of how to make the night before the wedding memorable. And while ‘partying-as-if-for-the-last-time-ever’ is a must, we would like to offer a few great ideas on how to keep the memories from that night long after the hangover morning.

Groomsmen are the groom’s best and closest friends. So, why not show them your honest appreciation for their friendship by spoiling them with some groovy presents?!  Here are our picks from Groovy Groomsmen Gifts for cool personalized gifts they will love:

BroLabeled Bottle

Best man brolabel

Let’s start with the man second to the groom himself – your Best Man. If you are looking for a cool way to invite your closest friend to do the honor, consider surprising him with a bottle of his favorite booze labeled with a message that says it all. Such an invitation cannot be refused!  And if you have already passed this step, the BroLabeled bottle may become your groovy way of saying “Thank you for being my Best Man, dude!” You can use this originally personalized item to invite or thank your groomsmen, too. The label is professionally printed on a matte or semi-gloss paper, and fits on almost any 750ml. bottle.

Wooden Wristwatch

Groomsmen watch

Men tend to brag with expensive and original in design wristwatches. But a watch made of wood is way more interesting! The ‘Watch & Learn’ wristwatch is an elegant masculine accessory that your groomsmen would highly appreciate having. Personalized with engraved name, initials, date, or a cool message, it becomes even more special – a precious gift for a precious friend. The watch is made of real sandalwood and genuine leather strap, and is packed in a beautiful gift box.

Groomsmen Combat Cooler

Personalized cooler

Planning a bachelor’s party outdoors? A great idea! The only thing left now is to equip your ‘bad boys’ with badass outdoor equipment. And since there surely will be lots of beer-bonding, they’ll need to set off prepared for the challenge. The Combat Cooler is the perfect solution!  This super cool beer tote is a super insulated cooler that would keep super cool up to 12 beer bottles or 18 cans. The bag is made of strong 600-Denie polyester that allows printing on any personalized message you would like to say to your groomsmen.

Wallet Do It All Gadget

Wallet tool gift

At the bachelor’s party and on the wedding day itself, every groomsman needs to be prepared to come to the rescue in a pinch. A multi-purpose McGyver-type gadget can be what they might need, then.  The ingenious Wallet Do It All gadget may seem to be just a money clip, but there’s much more to it! This small tool has amazingly 20 different functions, from a bottle opener, to a wrench.  Useful as it is, it is also a beautiful item made of high-quality stainless steel with attractive silver bead blast finish. Best of all, it offers enough surface to engrave on a personalized inscription and make out if it a cool present for each one of your groomsmen.

Steel Kings Stein

Personalized groomsmen goblet

Feasting with your groomsmen is an exciting experience. It involves lots of pranky jokes-laughing, juicy stories-telling, and surely lots of ale-drinking. What better an opportunity to cast-iron this strong bond with your friends than giving them a memorable gift! Featuring beautiful curves of a classic barrel body with an ornate handle, the Steel Kings Stein is a spectacular goblet fit for a King and his men. Its construction of sturdy stainless steel allows endless jolly toasting and passionate statements slamming. The impressive tankard features also a Pewter Medallion that can be personalized with a name and a title.

Bobble-head dolls

Groomsmen bobblehead dolls

If searching for funny gifts for your groomsmen, the personalized bobble-head dolls are the perfect solution. Guys will love them and there will be lots of laughing while watching their own faces on the funny bobbling heads! Each doll is about 7-8 inches tall and each one is a unique personalized piece to hold for years to come.

Group Caricature

Groomsmen caricature

The entire gang of the groom and his groomsmen caught up in a group caricature is an original gift.  A professional artist takes care of hand drawing a personalized, though funny, image of each man, just as he looks at the time of his best friend’s wedding. Then he makes sure to place the entire group against a background of their own choice. Truly, a unique piece of art, but also an ever-lasting source of laughter, memories and good vibes! The group caricature is available both, printed and framed, as well as in a digital copy.

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