How To Pull Off The Perfect Destination Beach Wedding

Destination weddings to a beautiful beach have always been a popular idea. However, many couples become so overwhelmed by the planning that they give up and settle for something less. You do not have to settle.

Destination beach weddings are as easy any other wedding. It simply takes planning and a few good tips to get you started.

I’ll give you some tips on how to plan your dream wedding and make it an unforgettable experience.

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Hire your wedding planner locally

First, you need a wedding planner. Whether you are getting married in Hawaii or at the local chapel.

A wedding planner is the smartest investment and the best-spent money any couple can spend. They take the stress off of the couple and ensure everyone is doing what they are supposed to.

Many people think they will just hire a planner that is in the area they are going to. This is often a mistake. You are unable to check them out thoroughly and sometimes you get poor service or no service at all. It is less costly to hire your planner locally and pay for their flight than to pay someone for their services only to find they have left with your money.

Have everything at one location

Have your wedding, reception, and honeymoon in the same place. You can often get discounted rates.  You cut down on problems of traveling in an area you are unfamiliar with and there is no struggle getting your wedding party together.

You can also arrange group activities more easily as everyone departs from and returns to the same place.

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Link your social media pages to your Honeymoon Registry

Everyone uses social media. Most couples set up a social media site just for the wedding. This is how they make sure everyone knows what is happening and if changes have occurred.

While you are at it, link your honeymoon registry to your site. Using a site like Plumfund is free, and it allows people to choose events or other things from your wish list to give you as a wedding gift.

This allows you to keep up with what expenses you will have and to adjust your honeymoon events as needed.

Gowns are carry-on items

It is not safe to ship the gowns for the bride and bridesmaids ahead of time.

Packages get lost and damaged and you cannot recover as your dresses are altered. Insist that all gowns be taken on as a carry-on.

Arrange for a tailor or laundry service to press the dresses as needed once you arrive.

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Number your RSVP’s

Make a numbered list of who is being invited to the destination wedding. On the back of the RSVP cards write the corresponding number.

This allows you to know who has and who has not responded easily.

Save money with gift bags for guests

Instead of a welcome dinner and gifts for the bridal party at the reception and a going home party, have one welcome reception with finger foods and an open bar. Instead of the trinket you would have given the wedding party, give each guest a small gift bag. It can contain things like:

  • Flipflops
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Small snacks
  • Beach towel

Address thank you cards before you leave home

Thank you cards are important. They are also often forgotten about and turn into a chore. Using your guest list (or RSVP list) address and prepare your thank you notes before you leave home. Save a few for the unexpected gifts. Have the cards ready to go in the mail when you return home.

***This post is written by Wendy Dessler. All suggestions and opinions are her own.***

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