The 10 Best Beach Wedding Hairstyles

So you have your dress already ordered, picked out the most perfect jewelry to match, and found comfortable shoes to wear. But there’s a dilemma on your hands. You still don’t know how you are going to wear your hair for your big day! You don’t want to over-due it, yet want it to be just as memorable as your dress. What’s a girl to do? Come to us for guidance, that is! We’ve cut out the middleman by doing the work for you so that you can narrow down a few ideas that will inspire you to come up with the best beach wedding hairstyle that compliments you. You have not a minute to waste, so let’s get to it!

This style reminds me of the ocean itself with a windblown style that keeps it simply elegant. Adding some soft curls to your hair, along with some nice pins to hold the style and a graceful flower will give you an effortless look.

If you are really feeling exhausted from all the wedding planning and still haven’t decided on a hairstyle yet, then you have the option to simply not decide hardly anything at all with this easy beach wedding style! Adding some loose curls and volume with a Bohemian braid and a colorful adornment will give you the freedom of a carefree look.

Are you looking for more of a polished look? Consider this beach wedding style that allows you to blend a tousled effect and beautiful live flowers as the focal point for good measure.

Will you be sporting a small veil to show your face? Or maybe you really will not be a fan of being bothered with your hair constantly tickling your back on your special day? Get inspired with this low braided chignon style that is a sight to see for your guests.

Incorporate a little more curl definition with this sophisticated beach wedding style. Side-swept hair creates a cascade of beautiful curls that can accentuate a low back cut wedding dress.

Get even more inspired to add a nice island touch with a simple Bohemian braid and bun combination. Loose hair in the front calls attention to the face once the ocean breeze sets in, and the unrestricted French braid creates a hold that will prevent your hair from getting out of control before the pictures are taken.

Looking for something a little more intricate? This unique braid style creates a halo effect around your crown that allows for your loose waves to fall as they may.

Add a very vibrant splash of color to your hair with the use of flower petals in a deeply rich hue. Incorporating them into your French braid gives the simplicity of your look a nice pop that will create a centerpiece that brings out and brings together the colors of your bouquet, not to mention the bridesmaid dresses!

Do you have secret fascination of seashells? Well here’s your chance to literally become one! A twisted braid design adorned with starfish shells will give you the mermaid effect you desire.

If you’re still drawn to the more polished styles, then try this one on for size. A retro style such as this one will make you look timeless in your photos for years to come.

There you have it, my beautiful brides! You now have a better idea of what your crown of glory will look like when you walk down the aisle. They say shoes make the outfit, but I really think the hair is where it’s at.

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