Rustic Beach Wedding Décor Ideas

Naturally we want the glitz and glam that comes with wedding décor. We all want to have the best favors, the best centerpieces and the best linens from all the best places. The various shows we watch really get us inspired. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that all! However, sometimes it’s also okay to let go of the reigns for a bit so you can start thinking about how to simplify your beach wedding décor. The beach is always symbolic of flow and relaxation, so allow yourself to tune into the waves and go for a look that’s a little more down to Earth. Check out these lovely rustic beach wedding décor ideas!

Beautiful Table Settings and Decoration

You want to make your guests feel right at home while they are at your wedding celebration. A hint of old-fashioned tricks go a long way! And who wouldn’t want to save a little money on décor items by getting creative with seemingly simple things? Putting your floral arrangements in beautifully vintage pails adds a personal touch, while mason jars filled with tea lights and seashells will make for a comfortable ambiance at the table. A string of lights zigzagged across the table not only distributes light beautifully but creates an amazing contrast against the ocean night sky. What a dream!

Rustic Beach Wedding Ideas

By Samantha Mason on Pinterest

Rustic Beach Wedding Ideas

By SaffronGlow on Etsy

Romantic Arches

We can all agree that the most beautiful part of the wedding is when the bride and groom are saying their vows and “I Do’s”, right? But what about the actual arch around them itself? For a photographer, this is usually the money shot, so you want to make sure that you captured it the right way! Choose from a number of arch designs that include loving floral arrangements, aged features and lively vine designs that will give your special moment a whimsical feel!

Rustic Beach Wedding IdeasBy C.Baron Photography via The Yes Girls Events

Sweet Cake

What’s the second most pivotal part of a wedding celebration, you ask? Why the delicious wedding cake, of course! You and your future spouse get a chance to cut the best pieces first, so it’s only right that you pick a cake that matches your rustic flair. Not to mention one you wouldn’t mind smashing in their face for fun photos!

Lovely Bouquet

Let’s talk flowers! With bouquet arrangements for this particular kind of style, you automatically have the green light to break away from the traditional selections that are usually chosen. Who wants boring flowers? You have the choice of picking beautiful roses in soft or rich colors, or completely going all out with vibrantly bold flowers that pack a punch.

If a rustic theme is what you were going for and something you wished you could have all in one place, then call me the Fairy Godmother! Feel free to use this as an outline to start planning your wedding in a smoother way. The world is your oyster!

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