Coral Themed Beach Wedding

When you are planning your special day, it may feel overwhelming to figure out where to start first. Easy fix! Starting with the basic things will give you a great foundation and focal point to build upon as you make steps to finalize your wedding planning. Have you figured out what main color you want yet? Establishing an overall color palette for your big day is a great place to start! Have fun with your bridesmaids and find the perfect color! Today, I’m going to give you a head-start and inspire you with some ideas straight from the ocean itself. Coral, anyone?

Coral Reef Dreams

Beneath the ocean are simply breath-taking naturally created colors that seem almost too good to be true! Coral is the perfect color, as it’s not too bright as a vibrant red and not to obnoxiously orange. It’s a warm color that gives a nice pop to a beach wedding but it also reflects heat to keep the bridesmaids cool and comfortable in their dresses as well. Take it from a bridesmaid like me; it’s greatly appreciated! Coral is also a lovely accent color for your beach wedding reception décor and a great eye-catcher in the bouquets and invitations as well. Check out these wonderful suggestions to get you started!


Coral Themed Beach Wedding

Via LucyCelebrates on Etsy

Speaking of coral reefs, how cute would it be to include them on your invitations? Vibrant beach wedding invites that include surprise beach favors as an incentive would really catch their attention!

Wedding décor

Tie in coral accents through your wedding reception chairs! A complementing sign that represents your new union is the perfect touch to celebrate your love.

Provide a huge burst of color for your guests’ viewing pleasure with coral centerpieces and runners.

If you just want a more balancing look, incorporating pops of coral with ivories and browns will give you the elegant look you desire.

Bridesmaid Dresses

Your bridesmaids will love you for this versatile two toned number in a breezy short fabric. What bridesmaid doesn’t love a dress they can wear again and again?

Coral Themed Beach Wedding

Via Bridesmaid dresses on Pinterest

Adding a sassy accent sash for great contrast makes these coral bridesmaid’s dresses even more adorable!

There’s nothing better than lace! Pairing the beautiful coral color with an all-over lace design will give your bridesmaid’s a timeless look.


Who said that your bouquet had to be small, dainty and neat? Choosing a more tropical approach for your bouquet designs will add an amazing variety of vibrant colors to you and your bridesmaids’ wardrobe!

On the flip side, if you’re looking for something more conservative, that’s totally fine too! This bouquet design incorporates ivory accents for a softer feel.

Wedding Cake

Everyone loves cake! A pastel blue with coral flower accents would look beautiful at the beach wedding reception!

Coral Themed Beach Wedding

Via Atlantis on Pinterest

How cute is this coral wedding cake? These coral reef designs make it look even more delicious!

As you can see, a coral themed beach wedding would take the guesswork out of finding the perfect color and relieve you of some of the planning. It’s a color that compliments everyone and enhances the look of everything. With this color, you will definitely start a trend!

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