Beach Bridal Bouquet Ideas

When planning your beach wedding, every little detail counts. From the chairs, fabrics and wedding arches chosen for the ceremony, to the reception décor that compliments it afterwards, every element you include plays a part. Perhaps one of the most beautiful elements adding to a beach wedding is the floral arrangements you choose. If you think about it, the vibrant flowers that are chosen are present in almost every scene of your special day, especially the ones you carry! So why not make sure that you and your bridal party have the best of the best? Just as there are plenty of different flower types to choose from, there are an assortment of colors and styles to consider for exquisite bridal bouquet ideas.

Color Coordination

While you are on the hunt for the perfect wedding color inspiration, you can save yourself some time by coordinating the colors of your bridal bouquet with the entire décor. This would include your stationary, bridesmaid apparel, wedding favors, and most importantly, the cake! Having a consistent color scheme creates a flow throughout the wedding that brings everything together. And the best part about it? You can go completely out of the box if you want to! Instead of settling for one primary color theme, you can incorporate a second to really create some depth like this unique rose and orchid bouquet arrangement does.

Around and around we go…

If you want to keep your bridal bouquet ideas a bit more traditional, then the round bouquet style is for you. A round bouquet is exceptionally elegant and gives a full view of all the flowers and other accents added to enhance your bridal look. To make it even more graceful, you can add pearls to compliment soft-colored roses or baby breaths for beautiful contrasts.

Cascade Bliss at the Palm of Your Hands

Don’t want to feel restricted in how you display your bouquet arrangements? Then flaunt it in the way you want with the cascade bouquet style! This style gives you a little more room to get creative with more exotic flowers and colors with no worries of it not being dainty enough.

Pomander & Circumstance

Do you feel crunched for time when it comes to putting together great bouquets for you and your bridesmaids? Eliminate all the worry about your bouquet being big enough or elegant enough with the pomander bouquet style. This style is perfect for making a DIY session out of with your bridesmaids and allows you to add sentimental beach accents to them that will be remembered forever. Here are some starter tips: to make these pomander bouquets, all you would need is a bouquet holder with foam. Begin adding the flowers in a circular pattern from the bottom and then adding in greenery to fill in the empty spaces.

Beach Bridal Bouquet Ideas

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Beach Bridal Bouquet Ideas

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The Icing on the Cake

Another way to spice up your bridal bouquet is to add family heirlooms, earrings or brooches. This is an endearing way to honor the fabulous women in your family who walked down the aisle before you. These sparkling accents can be pinned to your bouquet wrap. To make it reminiscent of the sea, accents like shells and starfish are great for a beach wedding.

Beach Bridal Bouquet Ideas

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 Make it Unique!

If you want to completely defy the wedding day odds, you can escape the cliches and go for something completely different. Instead of carrying any of the above bouquet styles you can make it your own and carry a simple blooming flower or flowers as long as your dress!

These bridal bouquet ideas are sure to help you gain more clarity on what flowers you will include on your special beach wedding day. After all, the flowers that you chose will be a constant reminder of the biggest day of your life whenever you encounter them again. So make sure you stop to smell the roses!

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