10 Gorgeous Beach Wedding Makeup Ideas

Since we have already been on the subject of beach wedding makeup, I got inspired to write an additional post on how to achieve the look that is perfect for you. With a beach wedding, the general unspoken rule is that your makeup should naturally be quite natural given the environment. The underlying theme of beach weddings is allowing everything to simply flow. But natural doesn’t have to mean boring! Adding subtle flecks of gold or a sultry brown Smokey eye is just enough to either brighten the eyes or make them irresistible to your husband-to-be. You can even add a little excitement by incorporating some poppy pink into the mix. Whatever your preference, I want you to get creative about what kind of look you’re going for. Stepping out of the norm really works in your favor right now! To help ease the pressure of planning your big day, I have already gone one step ahead of you to help you refer back to looks that you may like when going to your consultations. Sometimes a gal just needs some visuals! Get inspired with these beach wedding makeup ideas and pick the one that you know will make you look absolutely stunning!

10 Gorgeous Beach Wedding Makeup Ideas

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