Beach Bridal Shoe Options

Hey gals! By now, I’m sure you have already fallen in love with the wedding dress of your dreams. What a memorable experience with your loved ones you must have had! Before you start picking out jewelry and hairstyles, however, take a second to look at your feet. With a beach wedding, your feet will be a little more noticeable depending on your dress so you want to make sure they make an impression. Now you may automatically think that the best and only way to go is barefoot. I’m here to let you know that you don’t have to limit yourself! There are a lot more options you have access to! Today, I’m going to give you some beach bridal shoe options to consider for making your wedding experience even more enjoyable and comfortable!

Do you still prefer to go barefoot but want to add some bling to your beautiful feet? You may want to consider these elegant barefoot anklets to add a nice touch to your dress and bridal accessories. Have a go at picking from some of these lovely designs!

Are you leery of stepping on shells and other nautical surprises while enjoying your wedding day, but don’t want to be totally bound by shoes? Grab a pair of stylish flat sandals. With an assortment of wedding-appropriate colors and jeweled designs to choose from, you are guaranteed an ouch-free beach wedding day!

Have you been thinking about wearing closed toe shoes instead? Look like a beach ballerina with flats that pop with beautiful lace, sparkled jewels and pearl detailing.

Beach Bridal Shoe Options

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If you’re looking for an even simpler alternative, try these on for size. This option redefines flip-flops in a formal way! Choosing bridal flip-flops gives you the freedom of feeling the ocean breeze on your feet while also protecting your feet while you are switching between the beach and reception floors. Is your budget really tight after wedding expenses? This would be a great do-it-yourself project to add your own personal flair!

Beach Bridal Shoe Options

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Take it a step further with personalized bridal flip-flops! Customizing your shoes for your big day not only adds a sweet gesture, but also ensures that you have a permanent and exclusive keepsake to cherish for the rest of your life.

I can only imagine how beautiful your whole beach bride look will turn out after you have put all of your elements together!

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