Wedding Hairstyles: Romantic Waves

Have you already chosen the perfect dress? Good! The most important part of your mission is completed. Now it’s time to think about your hair. A beautifully romantic hairstyle is an essential part of the bride’s overall look at her fairytale wedding on the beach. What I would strongly recommend in this case is choosing a hairstyle that incorporates soft romantic waves. These curls are perfect for a beach wedding because they will make you look natural, yet exquisitely elegant. Moreover, they are fairly easy to create! Have a look at some of my favorites and prepare to be totally inspired!

Sweeping your romantic curls to the side adds a clean, yet tousled look to your wedding wardrobe.

Here is a gorgeous look of a bride with short hair. These soft curls look lovely on her, don’t you think?

Giving your romantic wave curls some dimension with subtle highlights will add to your happy glow!

Are you a lover of flowers? Add them to your side-swept romantic wave style for an even more loving feel.

You can tie a side pony and leave some tendrils around your face. So charming!

Pump up the volume with more defined romantic waves. It’s enough to make all the Disney princesses jealous!

The tighter your curls are the more official your hairstyle will look. Don’t forget, however, that they can’t stay in a perfect shape throughout the whole party. Therefore, make them a bit more compact at first, so they can fall and look perfectly messy later.

For a more polished romantic wave look, investing in a good frizz-control product would be a good idea.

The bigger the better! Increasing your flower power makes a bold, yet graceful statement.

Romantic waves with more daring highlights are even better!

There are so many ways to style romantic waves. What’s a beach wedding without them? The best part about this style is that you don’t have to worry about it getting messed up! Doesn’t it feel good to have yet another mission completed?

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