Sand Writings for Your Special Day

After tying the knot, there are still many ways you want to express your undying love for each other for all of time. Sand writings are the perfect way to capture the first precious moments of officially being husband and wife. You don’t always have to follow traditional rules of jumping the broom!  Not sure what exactly to draw in the sand after wiping away tears of joy? Try some of these ideas:

With sand between your toes and champagne to toast with, a sand writing that includes your wedding colors with your bouquet and a few marine accents is definitely a great addition to your wedding album.

What better way to show off your new union than by drawing one huge heart? Plain and simple!

Sand Writings for Your Special Day

by BeachBabyKisses via Etsy

Your beach wedding will signify a beautiful legacy carried on by your name and children. Put the founding of your love in sand for a day you’ll never forget!

These three words are enough to move mountains..and sand!

Looking for a heart-warming picture to add to your “Thank You” cards? This is it!

Bring the beach with you to the reception with this clever aisle runner!

After your wedding, you’ll have all the time in the world to create perfect sand writing memories with your hubby. Get ready for the best time of your life!

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